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Road Safety

Road Safety of Students

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Dear Parents/Guardian,


We would like to seek your cooperation to work with the school to ensure the road safety for all our students.

In particular, we seek your help by observing the following safety guidelines:

  1. Exercise consideration for other road users and pedestrians by:
    1. Cooperating with all traffic marshals to ensure overall safety and smooth traffic flow
    2. Alight your child at designated drop-off points inside the school and avoid pick-ups/drop-offs along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 (AMK Ave 9)
    3. Ensure that your child alights from the left side of the vehicle as safely and as quickly as possible
    4. Avoid parking or leaving your vehicles unattended along AMK Ave 9.
    5. Observe vehicle speed limits:
      1. Not more than 40 km/h along school zone (AMK Ave 9)
      2. Not more than 15 km/h within school premise
    6. Always keep a lookout for pedestrians.
    7. Avoid driving recklessly and endangering other road users. Acts that are punishable by law include:
      1. Abrupt left turns into the school from the outer lanes of the road
      2. Making illegal U-turn along AMK Ave 9
    8. Time your arrivals to avoid forming traffic queues along AMK Ave 9. Take note that vehicles will only be allowed into the school compound about 20 minutes after the 1st dismissal.

  1. Educating our children on good road safety habits by:
    1. Stressing the importance of using proper pedestrian crossings
    2. Avoid using mobile devices while crossing the road
    3. Practicing kerb drills before crossing the road - "look right, look left, look right again, ensure all vehicles have stopped, raise your hand high up and cross the road briskly"

  1. For the safety of other road users, avoid parking:
    1. Within yellow boxes (e.g. bus stop, outside school, Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (AMK-THK Hospital), or Nuovo condo)
    2. Within 3m from a fire-hydrant
    3. Within 6m from a junction/vehicular access of AMK-THK Hospital or Nuovo condo
    4. Single white zig-zag line (zebra-controlled zone)
    5. Along double yellow line to prevent congestion or obstruction to ambulance turning out from AMK-THK Hospital.

Enforcement actions will be taken against those who fail to observe traffic rules.

We thank all parents and guardians for playing a part in keeping our roads safe for our children.

Jointly issued by:

Anderson Primary School Ang Mo Kio North NPC Land Transport Authority
Mdm Delia Hoo Supt Chua Boon Hwee Ms Tan Theng Ling
Principal Commanding Officer Manager, Community Partnership

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Sheltered Linkway

LTA has completed a sheltered linkway along the footpath outside the school from the main vehicular entrance (Gate B) to the junction of Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Ave 6 and 9. They have also extended the shelter to the school’s Gate E. Please see the following photographs.


Together with the existing linkway from the Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan (AMK-THK) Hospital exit to the school’s Gate A, all pedestrians will have a sheltered walk from school to the 2 signalised pedestrian traffic crossing and traffic junction. This will help to keep our parents sheltered from the sun and rain while they wait for our pupils during dismissal.

40km/h When Lights Flash Sign

LTA has installed the 40km/h When Lights Flash Sign along AMK Ave 9. On the school side of the road, it is just before AMK-THK Hospital’s entrance. Please see the photograph below.

LIGHTS FLASH 7.3.1.jpg

On the other side, it is just outside the former Chaoyang School. LTA installed this sign at the start of an Enhanced School Zone. The two amber lights will flash alternatively during school days from 6.30am to 7.45am and from 12noon to 2.30pm. Upon reaching this zone, motorist should reduce their travelling speed to 40km/h when the lights are in operation. Motorist should still drive within the designated speed limit of the road when the lights are not in operation. LTA has also informed that motorist caught committing the offence of careless/inconsiderate driving, beating red lights, or speeding within school zones will receive an additional demerit point from the Traffic Police.