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Boys' Brigade Key Events

Boys' Brigade (BB) Day

On 12 January 2022, the 22J Company commemorated Boys’ Brigade (BB) Day in the school hall by leading the school morning flag-raising ceremony. The Company Commander, Jake Ng (P5.4) and Squad Commander, Bryan Ang (P5.4) were the recipients of the Outstanding Boy Award in 2019. New leaders like G. Arjjun (P4.6) had the chance to share what he had learn and the impact BB had on him and his peers. The BB message was shared with the school via Zoom. It was a memorable day for the 22J Company.

Cheong Jun Chun (P5.5) raising the state flag during the National Anthem on BB Day


Boys' Brigade (BB) Week 2022

Last year, our Boys’ Brigade was awarded the BB Week Gold Honor Roll. This award is given to the top 25% companies that surpass the national average and company target in the BB Week collections. This year, we received the BB Week Silver Honor Roll Award.  Jake Ng presenting the BB Week Gold honors Award to Mdm Hoo, our Principal.

Jake Ng presenting the BB Week Gold honors Award to Mdm Hoo, our Principal

Boys' Brigade (BB) and Girls' Brigade (GB) Enrolment Ceremony

On 21 May 2022 (Saturday), the Boys' Brigade (BB) and Girls' Brigade (GB) had their enrolment ceremony at Presbyterian High School (PHS). It was a joyous occasion as the two Brigades could come together as the Covid-19 pandemic had disrupted the face-to-face (f2f) sessions for the past 2 years. Despite this, the students made the best out of the constraints faced. Their parents were also invited, and they found the ceremony significant and meaningful. Our BB Boys, Ashton Khoo and Cheong Jun Chun also shared in our recent enrolment ceremony, the varied and meaningful experiences they had over the past two years.

Andy Kan Pin Guan (P3.3) receiving his first BB Badge on the Enrolment Ceremony

BB and GB Combined Enrolment Ceremony 2022

Boys' Brigade (BB) Programmes

During our BB sessions, the Boys enjoyed a variety of engaging activities like team-building games, classroom lessons, and foot drills. They picked up important skills like map reading, using a compass, first aid and CCE values and skills. They had many opportunities to inculcate in them values such as resilience, teamwork and discipline.

Boys challenged to find the right words in a game of taboo.

Boys having a fun time playing Nerf gun

Our Lead Boy saluting to Company Captain Louis Seng

Brigade President Commendation Award

The 22nd Boys' Brigade Junior Company had been conferred the Brigade President Commendation Award on 28th May. Our Principal,  Mdm Hoo, our Company Captain, Mr Louis Seng and our Chaplain were present that afternoon to receive the award from Boys' Brigade Headquarters. This award is given to BB companies that have performed consistently well since its inception even though they have less than three years of operation. It was a proud moment for BB 22J Company!

Company Cpt Louis Seng, Chaplin Li Wengcong and Mdm Delia Hoo, Principal of APS at the Award Ceremony

National Day Contingent 

On 8 August 2022 (Monday), Anderson Primary School celebrated Singapore’s 57th year of independence with a dignified Observance Ceremony led by our Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Prefects and CCE Ambassadors. This is the first time our companies form a continent made up of P4, P5 and P6 BB Boys and GB Girls dressed in their full uniforms to showcase their unity and discipline. Three BB Boys and three GB Girls had the honor of marching up the stage carrying the state flag.


Rehearsal for National Day Observance Ceremony

Observance Ceremony in the School Hall

Community Service at Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre (THKSAC)

The P4 BB Boys visited Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre at Blk 645 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 on 19 August 2022  (Friday) to carry out a community service project - BB Cares. There were about 45 elderly folks eagerly playing games like the Local Dish Bingo and Connect the Dot Challenge, with the help of the Boys who were by their side. The parting gifts from the Boys were the paper baskets the Boys had woven at home with their parents. It was a fun and meaningful experience for the Boys. 


We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our school leaders, parents, volunteers and teachers for supporting us in our journey of growth. We look forward to scaling greater heights for the 22nd Junior Company.

 Boys interacting with the seniors

Boys helping the elderly folks with their bingo cards

Group photo at Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre

Learning Journey at SEA Aquarium

The 22J Boys’ Brigade Boys were so excited about their very first learning journey since the CCA started in Anderson Primary in 2020. On 26 August 2022 (Friday), 22J visited the SEA Aquarium. The boys were taken on a guided tour and visited many beautiful marine animals. They learnt much about the life cycle, habitat, food chain and the impact of climate change on these marine animals. The amazing sea creatures they saw included dolphins, jellyfish, sharks, manta rays, and corals. The Boys ended their amazing day by touching the sea stars. The Boys had an enriching, meaningful and fun time learning together at the SEA Aquarium.


Jellyfish Enclosure – The Boys learnt that jellyfish has no brain and skeleton. 

Coral Reefs – the Rainforest of the Sea

Touching Sea Stars – A unique Experience

Archery Workshop

An archery workshop was conducted on 27 August 2022 (Saturday) to familiarise the Volunteer Adult Leaders in both GB and BB. The trainers were Mr Anthony Tan from BBHQ and Mr Ong Chee Seng from 27th Singapore Company, PHS. It is our hope to bring the joy of archery to our BB Boys and GB Girls as well as to staff members of Anderson Primary School (APS). Mr Poh Chee Peng, a teacher in APS, joined the session and found it time well spent. He said, “I’m glad I attended the session. It’s been a while since I learnt something new, and I enjoyed it more than I expected.”


Captain Louis Seng from BB and Captain Sylvia Kiew from GB hitting their targets

An Archery Workshop 

An Archery Workshop