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Learning for Life Programme - Arts

Leveraging on the vibrant Arts culture in Anderson, the VIVACE@Anderson LLP Arts programme is specially designed to develop in our students, the qualities of Performance Character (resilience, diligence, confidence, excellence and self-discipline) and Moral Character (empathy, integrity and graciousness) through a wide spectrum of experiences in the Arts.

Values Inculcation Via Arts and Creative Experiences (VIVACE) @ Anderson LLP empowers Andersonians to take Ownership when creating artistic experiences with their friends, sharpen their Craftsmanship in their respective areas of arts specialisation and grow their Leadership skills as active advocates and leading champions of the arts. Through the progressive milestones of learning, Andersonians strive to:

Value teamwork as they collaborate and create

Identify their own passion and strengths in the arts and pursue them

Vary their experiences when they integrate and synthesise their knowledge

Acquire qualities to strengthen their performance and moral characters

Construct and demonstrate their understanding through the art forms

Embrace opportunities and seek to optimise them

Appreciate diversity in people and cultures through varied art forms

Put into practice the school motto, Courage and Sincerity

Sharpen their sense of appreciation for the arts 

Enjoy the Arts (Ownership)
All Andersonians experience our vibrant arts culture from the time they enter our doors in P1 to the day they graduate. Here in Anderson, we believe that the arts can impact learning and learners and we strive towards building an inclusive and safe arts environment for ideation, experimentation and collaboration. Some of the key initiatives to promote arts appreciation for all include:

- Enhanced Music Curriculum - Ukulele for Beginners, ORFF Class Ensembles, Music & Movement, Anderson Class Choirs, Tech Band

- Enhanced Art Curriculum – Mixed Media, Drawing and Illustration, Photojournalism, Fine Arts (Painting), Weaving, Museum-based learning

- EXPLORE@Living Arts Gallery

- TINKER@Anderson Sandbox

- Annual Arts Fiesta

- Arts assembly programmes

- Arts Learning Journey

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Explore the Arts (Craftsmanship)
To equip students with the necessary 21st century competencies and to build their confidence from within, we offer special programmes in Design Thinking, Fine Arts, Mixed Media, Creative Opera, Music and Movement, and Pop Band playing under our school distinctive programme, ANDventure. ANDventure is our school-based curriculum innovation for each child to discover the artist that is within them, and to harness this potential as a future-ready citizen of character. Every child has a voice, and ANDventure provides the opportunities for these voices to be heard and ideas to be realised. For lower primary students who demonstrate aptitude and interest in performing arts, our Performing Arts Early Specialisation Programme allows them to begin their exploration at P2 before transiting into the more rigorous Performing Arts CCA programme from P3 to P6.

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Excel in the Arts (Leadership)
For students who are interested to take their learning to a deeper level, there are opportunities for them to stretch their capabilities through high key public performances, participations at national festivals and exhibitions under the Performing Arts STEP-UP Programme. Students who demonstrate a high level of interest and ability in the different art forms can sign up for arts elective masterclasses for Music, Dance and Visual Art offered under our school distinctive programme, ANDventure, At this level, students will experience publication and production works as part of our talent development initiative.

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With a differentiated and empowering curriculum anchored on values inculcation through the Arts, VIVACE@Anderson imbue in our students growth-oriented dispositions and attitudes to make them future-ready. It is our goal to take the power of the Arts from outward expressions to inward transformation. All these are in line with the school’s vision to develop Learners with Passion, Leaders with Heart, Citizens of Character.