Trip to Beijing, China (26 - 31 May 2016)

This year, the Aesthetics and CCE Departments have jointly organised an overseas trip for pupils of the various performing arts groups to Beijing, China. The Key Learning Objective is to allow every child to G.L.O.W in their performance and moral character through the arts:

  1. GROW: Pupils will grow their inner capacity and competence to be independent and to care for one

  2. LEAD: As learners of the arts in Anderson, pupils will sharpen their leadership skills when they take
                the lead in engaging their peers in music activities during school visits.

  3. OPPORTUNITIES: To enrich the learning experience and create a global awareness and
                                     appreciation of the diverse arts scene and culture in our region.

  4. WIN: The overseas learning experience will open the eyes of our pupils to see the colourful
              landscape of the arts as it transcends borders, with the aim of allowing Andersonians pursue
              their interest in the arts with greater fervour and joy.
From 26 to 31 May 2016, our pupils walked the streets of old and took in rich experiences that the ancient city of Beijing had to offer - from climbing the Great Wall to immersing themselves in the stories of the Palace Museum and the Summer Palace. They also learnt about the arts and cultural legacies of the various Chinese art forms of opera, puppetry and calligraphy. 

During the school visit to Beijing Zhongde School, the pupils interacted with the Chinese pupils and attended their lessons. They participated in hands-on learning and volunteered to demonstrate concepts in Math and Science as well as role play during English lesson. They even had a chance to experience P.E and had fun learning how to paint a Chinese opera mask. 

While the pupils had a lot of fun and experienced rich learning, what truly was close to their hearts were the life lessons of being independent and taking care of each other, forging close friendships and overcoming differences as well as appreciating what they have at home, in Singapore. 

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Trip to Hong Kong (29 May - 2 June 2016)

Led by teachers from the Mother Tongue Department, 30 Primary 4 and 5 pupils embarked on an Overseas Learning Journey to Hong Kong from 29 May to 2 June 2016. 

The primary objective of the programme is to provide opportunities for the pupils to experience the heritage and culture of the people in Hong Kong. They were also given the opportunity to meet and mingle with pupils from Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School. 

The immersion programme was an eye-opening experience for the students as not only do they have the opportunity to immerse in the culture of the country, they also interacted with the locals and enjoyed the attractions Hong Kong had to offer. Students visited various landmarks and attractions such as the Tai O fishing village, Hong Kong Island, UREC Hong Kong, Kowloon Walled City and Podium, Symphony of Lights, Repulse Bay and Stanley Market, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Wax Museum and the Hong Kong Museum. 

Another highlight of the trip was the visit to Disney’s Environmental Exploration. Here, students discovered the importance of environmental protection and how modern cities today evolved from the natural habitats. Lastly, the visit to UREC enabled students to experience old cage-like housing and poor living conditions first hand. This experience left many in shock, but at the same time appreciating their comfortable homes in Singapore. 

Apart from sightseeing, students also gained and exhibited several values over the course of the programme. They exercised self-discipline and acted responsibly at all times. They also learned to care, share and help their fellow school mates during the trip. Overall, the journey was a fruitful, enriching and fun-filled one for the pupils of Anderson Primary. 

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