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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – STEM Education


As pioneers of the future, learning will be re-imagined at Anderson Primary through Eureka, our STEM Applied Learning Programme (ALP). Eureka focuses on igniting students’ natural curiosity and developing learners with a dare-to-try spirit and the passion to explore the various disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Through purposeful multi-disciplinary learning experiences, Andersonians will see the usefulness of their learning in the real world and become active, creative and caring environmentalists and agents who are knowledgeable in the use of materials and matter. Deep learning will be promoted by connecting classroom learning with real-life applications and providing opportunities for Andersonians to creatively apply concepts to solve authentic problems.

Eureka comprises various STEM modules delivered through the curriculum, after-school enrichment, CCA and external programmes and competitions. These STEM modules focus on experiential learning, self-discovery through doing, and cultivation of thinking dispositions of a Mathematician, Scientist and Engineer. The Engineering Design Process will be used to scaffold students’ thinking, facilitate the processes of problem solving and provide the structure for product design. We hope that these varied learning experiences will inspire Andersonians, as Pioneers of the Future, to contribute towards STEM research, innovation and enterprise and pursue STEM-related careers to serve the good of society.

Learning Experiences

The Anderson STEM Box

The Anderson STEM Box is presented to each Primary 3 student as a unique gift to inspire them to have the sense of adventure that a Scientist seeks, and the adventure of the mind to experiment, tinker and discover about the everyday phenomena happening around them. Found within the box are activity kits such as the DIY STEM Bristlebot and Magnetism Kit; and resource cards such as the Flexagon, to connect, complement and extend what they will be learning in Primary 3 Science.

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Ecobricks Programme

In this programme, Primary 4 students learnt about properties of different plastics used in bottles and gained insights into the great amount of plastic waste generated in Singapore and its environmental impact on our country. In the creation of an upcycled product using recycled materials, students were introduced to the concept of Ecobricks and experienced a hands-on session making an Ecobrick from used plastic bottles and disused soft plastics. These Ecobricks were then combined to make a stool, illustrating how plastics can be upcycled meaningfully.

Through this programme, the environmental message of giving plastic waste a second lease of life was instilled amongst the students where they learnt to see plastic waste and their properties in a different light. 

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2021 ALP - pic 3.JPGIntegrated STEM with Computational Thinking, Textiles and Sewing (iSTEM-CT2S) Module

The iSTEM-CT2S pilot module is a human-centric STEM Curriculum designed by STEM@ NIE Singapore in collaboration with The University of Vaud Canton of Education, Switzerland, and supported by BERNINA (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 

In this module, selected Primary 5 students experienced inter-disciplinary learning through the applications of concepts from different subject disciplines such as Textile Science and TurtleStitch Coding skills to solve real-world problems. Students acquired computational thinking skills and understood how technology could be harnessed to improve the lives of humans.

Through this module, students had the rare opportunity to programme a sewing machine to stitch their coded pattern and sewed their own face mask using a high-technology Swiss-engineered BERNINA sewing machine.

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