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Overview of ANDventure

Our school curriculum innovation, ANDventure, continues to provide a holistic, collaborative and creative learning space for our students to construct and demonstrate their understanding of curriculum concepts through different art forms and ICT. The deliberate spread of platforms serves as diverse opportunities to tap on pupils’ varied interests and aptitudes, whilst enabling a level playground for self-directed exploration and discovery. The ANDventure modules are designed based on 4Es:

1.    ENGAGE students in a creative process

2.    EXCITE them to build a learning community with their peers

3.    ENCOURAGE exploration of possibilities and perspectives

4.    EMPOWER multi-modality in communications as designers of learning

ANDventure integrates the arts with other subjects, thus providing an interdisciplinary approach which opens up a whole new dimension of experiential and authentic learning. Students develop an enduring appreciation of the different art forms, are empowered to design their final product through co-creation, and to communicate their ideas using multiple intelligences.

Most importantly, ANDventure enables our students to embrace learning as a 'lifelong adventure'.

Learning Experiences

Since its inception in 2016, the ANDventure programme is curated and reviewed year-on-year to ensure that the learning experiences remain relevant, meaningful and engaging. There are modules (interwoven with existing music and art curriculum) for all to experience, as well as masterclasses for students who wish to further their interest in the different genres or art forms.

Our ANDventure modules aim to:

- equip students with 21CC and SEL competencies

- prepare students to be future-ready

empower students’ voice through student advocacy

- inculcate positive values of other-centredness and empathy

help students make conceptual connections across different subjects

For AllArts Integration Modules
Arts Elective Masterclass 
(For students with high interest/high ability)
Primary 3
  • Values through Process Drama
  • Children's Creative Opera
  • Music & Science Integration Module
  • Anderson Songbirds I
Primary 4
  • ORFF Class Ensembles
  • Peranakan Tile Art
  • Art & Math Integration Module
  • Anderson Songbirds II
  • Beauty of Zentangle Designs
 Primary 5
  • Tech Band in Music (I)
  • Gratitude Photostory
  • Math, Science & Art Design Thinking Projects 
  • Illustrations
  • 3D Sculptures
  • Advanced Floor work, Air Work, Rhythm and Form (Dance & Creative Movement) 
 Primary 6
  • Design Thinking in Visual Art
  • Tech Band in Music (II) 
  • Band Jam
  • Pottery and Ceramics
  • Understanding Photography 

Module Synopses

ANDventure Drama Education

“Care for something bigger than me” - Strengthening 21CC and Character through Process Drama

Students will learn about the creative and symbolic use of the elements of drama - plot, time, space, roles & relationship through their exploration of climate change using process drama conventions like Freeze Frames, Conscience Alley and Thought-tracking. With their collective inputs, they will devise their own drama using a scene-based approach to advocate environment care. Using our specially selected Digital Engagement platforms, students will be able to document their creative energies, performance skills in a collaborative manner. Besides developing negotiation skills with others in a group as they adapt and accommodate to different ideas, they also build their confidence in public speaking in a safe environment. The multi-faceted learning experiences will culminate into a student-led conference. 

ANDvdrama1.jpgResearching on sustainable recycling

ANDvdrama2.jpgCreating freeze frames

ANDventure Arts Elective (Visual Art Masterclass)

Beauty of Zentangle Designs

Students will develop a deeper understanding of using the Zentangle illustration method to create amazing coloured tangle designs which can be printed on greeting cards and postcards. Through the intricate illustration and meticulous colouring, they learn patience as well as develop excellent motor control. 


3D Sculptures
Catering to students with high interest in Art, this exclusive program incorporates the concepts of 2D and 3D sculpture work which encourages bold use of materials and tools to create artworks using a variety of mediums. As students understand more about 3D art forms and how to achieve them in different levels and shapes, it ignites in them an interest in design, architecture and assemblage work through problem solving and creative thinking.

Evolving In Style Through Illustrations
Ever thought of how a picture book is created? Delving into the world of children picture books, students begin to develop their own style of illustration through an exploration of different drawing and sketching techniques. At the end of the programme, every child will create his/her very own picture book! 

Ceramics and Pottery
Pottery making is one of the most ancient art forms known to man. Clay is an expressive medium and is ideal for enhancing children’s development and holistic education, teaching them patience and focus as they take time to mold a piece of clay into usable art. In this advanced art masterclass, learn hand-building and wheel throwing techniques from a teacher artist to create personalised ceramic artwork. 


ANDventure Arts Elective (Music 

Anderson Songbirds I and II
Choral singing benefits one in different ways. It improves emotional well-being, allows social interaction and fosters teamwork. Students who are passionate and who show a high interest in singing embark on an exploration of different genres of music and develop their vocal talent. They will learn techniques on breathing, vocalising and harmonising.


Band JAM! 
This module appeals to students who dream of forming their own Pop Band and playing in it. As an extension to the Tech Band programme, students now have the opportunity to play on authentic instruments. Each jamming session prepares students to play on different instruments, such as the Ukulele, Keyboard and Cajon! They get to improve on their music arrangement skills and have the opportunity to even produce their very own pop covers and even perform live! 

ANDventure Arts Elective (Dance Masterclass)

Advanced Floor Work, Air Work, Rhythm and Movements
This interactive dance masterclass aims to invite all dance enthusiasts to take a step deeper to understand rhythm, patterns and how it translates to fancy footwork. Explore movements and levels, learn to adapt dance moves from popular music videos and how to incorporate extensions, floor work, air work and contractions in a dance routine.

Understanding Choreography
This masterclass invites students who are highly interested in designing dances to explore the use of space, shape, time and energy, and even emotions in creating many variations in movements. Students learn practical strategies of improvisation and have a go at choreographing a dance routine.

ANDventure - Design Thinking

Design thinking has a human-centered core. Using design thinking to drive the process for creative problem solving encourages students to focus on the people they're creating innovation solutions for. Putting their creative minds and empathetic hearts into action, students develop prototypes of smart home devices and user-friendly experiences. 


Design Thinking Project (Math/ Science/ Art)
Through thought-provoking brainstorming sessions and collaborative and creative activities, students will be directed to think and work like little engineers. They will apply the knowledge that they have acquired and come up with their own artistic and innovative game creations. 

Create Your Own Instrument
Curious about how sounds are produced? This module introduces students to the basic principles of producing music. By understanding the properties of different materials (such as wood, metal, glass, etc.), hitting them under different conditions, students explore more deeply the concepts of tension and thickness and how they influence the way sounds are created. The learning process will excite our students to continue to search and discover the pleasures of music creation, and be excited about delicate sound nuances.