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Vision & Mission


An active learner proficient in communicating in Tamil Language and partaking in its rich culture.

To provide quality Tamil Language Education for students to appreciate the Tamil Language and culture.

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Key Programmes

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight
A variety of activities and workshops based on Tamil Language and culture are carried out during Mother Tongue Fortnight to enthuse Tamil students to speak the language and know more about their culture. The two weeks of activities culminates with a concert, Muthamizh Vizha, where all the students get to perform in a group song, dance or drama for parents to see.

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Tamil Language competitions (தமிழ் மொழிப் போட்டிகள்)
All our students are encouraged to participate in the competitions and prizes are given out during the Mother Tongue Fortnight concert. 

P1 & P2      Singing Competition
P3 & P4      Story Telling Competition
P5 & P6      Advertising Competition

P3 Tamil Language Camp
All P3 students attend a language camp, where activities such as garland making, Kolam drawing, henna painting, garland making or story telling with games and drama are conducted to immerse the students in Tamil language and culture.

Extensive Reading Programme
Students read Tamil books on Wednesday mornings before flag raising. All Tamil students are encouraged to borrow a Tamil storybook and read the Tamil Murasu (Tamil newspaper) which is available in the MRL. All students from P3 to P6 subscribe to Sutti Mayil, a children’s magazine, which is also used for discussion and writing reflection in their journal. Activities are also conducted in collaboration with NLB to make reading more fun.  Big books, small readers and text from previous syllabus are used as additional reading materials.

Enrichment Programmes

  • Dance enrichment modules are organized for all Tamil students to be exposed to the various Tamil dances such as Oyilattham, Kummi, Kollatham and Karagattham. 
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  • Performing Arts is introduced to upper primary students through watching stage dramas / plays in Tamil put up by professionals drama groups.
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  • ICT encrichment classes give our students the opportunity to brush up their touch-typing skills using Microsoft word and Powerpoint and create e-books.

Collaboration with Sinda – Project Teach and Project Guide
Project Teach (small group tuition programme) and Project Guide (one to one tuition programme) classes are conducted in our school in the afternoons twice weekly for our P1 to P6 selected Tamil students to improve their grades in English, Mathematics and Science.