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Physical Education

Vision & Mission

A school where students are healthy, active and excellent in all physical activities.

To create opportunities for pupils to learn and grow through fun and meaningful physical activities.

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Key Programmes

  • Modular PE Program 
    The modular sports PE Programmme allows all classes to undergo the seven components prescribed in the PE curriculum through a rotational system over the span of the school calendar. The seven components are Dance, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education, Sports and Games, Athletics, Physical Health and Well-being. With this modular PE Programme, the school ensures maximum participation that enables students to develop their understanding and potential in areas such as gymnastics, sports and games and dance

  • ALIVE Programme 
    ALIVE which stands for Andersonians Living Actively through Values-based Experiences is the school’s distinctive Learning for Life Programme.  

    The 4 main objectives of ALIVE are to provide authentic learning opportunities that cater to the mass student population, as well as additional exposure for segmented students with greater interest, aptitude and talent in sports.

  • Sports Carnival 
    The school organizes the annual sports day with a carnival-like spin to promote maximum participation in our students to promote healthy lifestyle through fun-filled healthy activities specially designed by our PE Department. It is also a good platform for students to practise the school values of Passion for Learning, Quest for Excellence, Respect for All and Service to the Community as they collaborate and compete with one another according to their House Colours: Ruby (Red), Sapphire (Blue), Emerald (Green) and Topaz (Yellow). Through participating in team games with their House-mates, the Sports Carnival provides the opportunity for our students to learn to work with others in achieving a common goal.

  • Lower Primary Sports Carnival 
    Lower Primary students will have their own Lower Primary Sports Carnival every year as part of our National Day Celebration. Again, the event ensures maximum participation in our students to promote healthy lifestyle through fun-filled healthy activities specially designed by our PE Department. On this day, the P1 and P2 students compete in a series of inter-class relay events that allow them to demonstrate the physical skills learnt during PE Lessons. The active interactions among students during the games also help to create invaluable authentic teachable moments to guide our students in character development and the inculcation of values.

  • P5 Camp 
    The P5 Camp is an integral part of the school PE curriculum. This 3-day-2-night residential camp provides authentic learning opportunities for students to be engaged in a wide range of outdoor sporting. It also serves to promote camping as a healthy outdoor activity through well-crafted and meaningful activities. By stepping out of their comfort zone, the camp allows students to build their personal resilience and collaboration skills to work in teams that would further develop their personal and interpersonal competencies.

  • P3 Healthier Body and Mind Programme 
    To provide a holistic education, this programme provides the opportunity for our P3 students to interact and train with professional sports players such as basketball, volleyball and footfall players. Through the first-hand interaction with these professional sportsmen, our young charges learn essential fundamental movement skills, as well as the desired values such as resilience, diligence, respect and integrity required in the sports arena. These skills and values are essential building blocks for them to lead a healthier lifestyle that would benefit their body and mind.

  • Sports Camp for Sports CCA 
    Anderson Sports Camp is an annual event conducted for our students participating in the sports CCA. This includes football, basketball and volleyball. The objectives of the programme are to engage students in sporting experiences, enhance their performance during competition, as well as to improve camaraderie among teammates.

  • Community Involvement in Sports 
    Every year, our school together with Yio Chu Kang Community Sports Club organizes a sporting event to engage the residents living around Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood. This event, known as Youth Fiesta, is often graced by our Ang Mo Kio Grassroots Advisors such as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Dr Koh Poh Koon. The games played during the fiesta include basketball, captain's ball and football.  The students always look forward to this fun-filled event, as they are able to interact with the various residents within the community and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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