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Vision & Mission

A knowledgeable individual with character who contributes to society

To equip students with the ability to communicate effectively in Malay and to understand the Malay culture to meet the needs of self and social relationships

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Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Dwi Mingguan Bahasa) 
The Malay department has arranged various activities for the Mother Tongue Fortnight programme. 
Our objective is to nurture the love for the language and culture among our Malay students.

2021 ML - pic 1.JPG

Lower primary students are having fun with 'Pintar Kata' apps on the iPads

2021 ML - pic 2.JPG

Students move to the beat of the Malay traditional dance, Zapin

2021 ML - pic 3.JPG

Students are getting ready with the props and script for an unforgettable performance of
 Wayang Kulit

2021 ML - pic 4.JPG

Students had an enjoyable time learning how to play the 'Kompang', a traditional Malay musical instrument

2021 ML - pic 5.JPG

Students' hands-on experience at Batik painting

Extensive Reading Programme (Program Bacaan Luas)
The programme aims to foster interest in reading among our students.  Students have the opportunity to explore reading in different platform such as e-book, storybook apps and magazines.  Through reading extensively, students will be able to increase their vocabulary and knowledge.


Lower Primary students having a whale of a time reading and listening to Malay folktales using the interactive e-book apps

Learning Journey to the Malay Heritage Centre
In commemoration of SG Bicentennial, the Malay Language Department organised a learning journey to the Malay Heritage Centre on 27 Mar 2019 (Wed). This learning journey was also planned as one of the highlight programmes during our Mother Tongue Fortnight. 

Through the learning journey, our students were able to better appreciate the contributions by the Malay community in the development of Singapore as a nation. By getting to know their identity and origins, we hope that students will develop a keener sense of belonging and love for Singapore.


Students enjoying watching snippets of famous scenes in a film directed by P. Ramlee in a 1970's style theatre


Students busy gathering information using iPads and smart phones

Language and Cultural Fiesta (Fiesta Bahasa dan Budaya) 
Students are exposed to Malay language and culture through various interactive activities.  They also get to impart knowledge and ideas with students from other schools in the cluster.


Students dressing up as characters in a Malay folklore



             Students using iPad to solve word puzzles 
    Students playing board games
        based on Malay proverbs 


Students playing Congkak, a Malay traditional game


Students smelling the herbs and spices in the 'Naming the Spices and Herbs' Challenge

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