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Vision & Mission

A knowledgeable individual with character who contributes to society.

To equip students with the ability to communicate effectively in Malay and to understand the Malay culture to meet the needs of self and social relationships

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Dwi Mingguan Bahasa) 
The Malay department has arranged various activities for the Mother Tongue Fortnight programme. Our objective is to nurture the love for the language and culture among our Malay pupils.

Extensive Reading Programme (Program Bacaan Luas) 
The programme aims to foster interest in reading among our pupils. Through reading extensively, pupils will be able to increase their vocabulary and knowledge.

Language and Cultural Fiesta (Fiesta Bahasa dan Budaya) 
Pupils are exposed to Malay language and culture through various interactive activities.

Overseas Learning Journey (Teroka Budaya) 
This programme aims to expose students to a diversity of cultures and traditions practiced by the people of the region.

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