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Information & Communication Technology

Vision & Mission

To build a community of ethical, self-directed and collaborative IT-empowered learners.

  • To leverage on IT for engaged learning
  • To develop self-directed and collaborative learners through effective use of ICT
  • To ensure that students are discerning and responsible ICT users
  • To develop teachers’ competency in using ICT
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Key Programmes

ICT Baseline 
All our Andersonians are involved in the Baseline ICT Programme which have been customized to suit our curriculum requirements. Through this programme, we hope that our students will be equipped with current ICT skills and knowledge which will enable them to learn independently and collaboratively. 

ICT Integrated Curriculum 
To continually ensure the relevance of ICT skills to students’ learning, the use of ICT to enhance the teaching and learning for our students is integrated into all subjects. The ICT department has also worked across departments to integrate ICT into its curriculum to facilitate teaching and learning in general, as well as self-directed learning and collaborative learning. As technology is evolving, the school ensures that there is a meaningful and relevant ICT integration in the curriculum. 

As technology advances, our department continues to evaluate and search for emerging technology in the ICT industry and to provide opportunities for our students to be acquire the advanced ICT skills through our school programmes.

E-learning Programmes 
As an effort to promote self-directed and collaborative learning, e-learning programmes are designed for students. Online portals such as the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), 

MOE i-MTL portal and Koobits portal, as well as online collaboration tools such as Zoom and Google Meet, provide the different platforms for an engaged and enriched learning where students would be able to access to online resources or learning packages designed by our teachers to meet our students’ learning needs.

Cyber Wellness Programme
Underpinning all ICT-enhanced programmes are the values of Cyberwellness. In our current digital age, our children need to acquire the skills of discernment when dealing with the internet and media. In Anderson Primary, we tapped on platforms such as Assembly programmes, Form Teacher’s Guidance Period, Character and Citizenship Education Lessons, Student Initiated Cyber Wellness Programme, to promote discerning and responsible use of the Internet and digital media.

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