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Vision & Mission

Every pupil a confident and proficient user of the English Language.

To inspire an appreciation for the English Language by providing pupils with opportunities to enhance their language skills.


Key Programmes

English Curriculum (P1 to P6)
The school adopts the Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) which aims to strengthen the students’ foundation in literacy skills through a variety of learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using Big Books and authentic children’s text. 

Friday Morning Assembly Book Sharing
Every Friday, an Andersonian goes on stage to share a book of his or her choice. Through this sharing, the presenters will develop and improve their oral presentation skills whilst boosting their self-confidence. Promotion of interesting books and good authors are advocated through the sharing. 

Project Work (P1 to P6)
Project work is a platform where pupils have the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with their peers. The tasks designed for each project require them to apply their knowledge to generate, develop and evaluate ideas. Each task is developed as an extension of a selected STELLAR unit.

Moo-O (P1 to P3)
A participatory electronic story book software programme that encourages children to read expressively to develop their storytelling skills.

Little Red Dot (P3 to P6)
Issues of the newspaper supplement Little Red Dot ensure P3 to P6 pupils are exposed to current affairs and expository writing.

Learning Journeys
Outdoor excursions integrated with other subjects to places such as the Zoo, Science Centre, Maritime Museum, LTA to appreciate the usage of English in real life.