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Vision & Mission

To inspire and cultivate the love for the Chinese Language and culture.

Pupils as self-directed learners who are able to grasp knowledge of the Chinese Language.

Key Programmes

  • Di Zi Gui CCE Lessons (弟子规)
    Di Zi Gui is taught during our CL CCE lessons to all P1 to P4 students. Through Di Zi Gui, our students learn the values of Filial Piety, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, ;Harmony and Diligence. 

  • Primary 3 Language and Cultural Camp(语文与文化营)
    P3 Chinese Language and Cultural Camp is a half-day camp. It provides an immersion environment with authentic learning experiences for students to learn and use Chinese Language and to appreciate the Chinese culture through hands-on activities.

  • Extensive Reading Programmes(阅读计划)
    This programme aims to foster interest in reading CL books among our students. CL students are provided with age-appropriate books. Through reading CL books extensively, students will be able to further increase their vocabulary in CL and cultivate the habit of reading CL books.

  • Primary 1 to 6 Learning Trails(学习之旅)
    The Chinese Learning Trails enhance students’ interest in Chinese Language and culture through various activities. These activities include interactive storytelling, cultural performance exposure and tea appreciation.

  • Primary 3 and Primary 4 Conversation in Chinese and Malay (CCM)
    This enrichment programme is offered to CL students who are not taking ML as their MTL. The aims of introducing Conversational ML are to strengthen bonds among students of different races and to enable our young Singaporeans to have some grounding of functional ML so that they could pick up the language easily should they need it in adult life.

  • P5 & P6 Higher Chinese Language (HCL)(高级华文)
    HCL is an additional subject recommended at P5 and P6. It is recommended to CL students who have a strong grounding, aptitude and interest in CL from P1 to P4. HCL syllabus aims to develop CL students’ linguistics skills at higher levels of proficiency and cultural knowledge. Students taking HCL will take both CL and HCL examinations. HCL assessment emphasises reading comprehension and written communication.

  • Mother Tongue Fortnight(母语双周)
    During the MTL Fortnights, a range of outside-classroom MTL activities are provided to enable students to learn and use MTL in novel and engaging ways. The specially designed programme aims to create an environment that encourages students to use CL and appreciate the culture associated with the language. This will enhance the learning experience for CL students and fuel their interest in learning CL.