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National Arts Education Award (NAEA) 2015

National Arts Education Award (NAEA) 2015

Congratulations to Anderson Primary for achieving the NAEA Glow Award!

The National Arts Education Award (NAEA) is a national arts award for Ministry of Education (MOE) schools. There are three award categories of Spark, Glow and Blaze, to recognise schools at different stages of arts education development and to affirm schools that develop holistic arts education for their students. The assessment of NAEA is conducted by officers from NAC and MOE, and arts experts and educators appointed by the NAC. 

As of October 2015, Anderson Primary School is proud to be a recipient of the NAEA Glow Award for demonstrating holistic planning and building strong processes for our integrative arts education programme in school. 

We would like to thank all our stakeholders for their partnership and support in building a strong arts culture in Anderson! 

This award is valid for four years till 2019 and with pride, we will continue to strive and build a more vibrant and engaging environment in and through the arts for all Andersonians!