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Principal's Message for 2020

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2020 is a special year for Anderson Primary School. As we start this year, we remember it is our 20th School Anniversary. Our school was established in the year 2000 from a merger of three schools in this precinct: Ang Mo Kio North Primary, Hong Dao Primary and Li Hua Primary. When Anderson Primary first started, many members of the teaching staff from these three schools joined the merged school. Up to this day, I am proud to observe that a number of these pioneers are still with us, choosing to remain here as committed and contributing members of the Anderson family.  

The theme for 2020 is Anderson True North: Celebrating our Positive Core. It was aptly chosen as the central idea of our 20th School Anniversary.

The school has done well over the years because of strong leadership, dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff as well as supportive parents and stakeholders who have walked this journey, hand-in-hand, together with us. This has been and still is the positive core of the school.

20 years on, we remain steadfast to our mission of providing quality, holistic education to every child who enters Anderson school gate every morning. As a school, we value every child. We believe every child has immeasurable worth and immense potential to excel and flourish; every child wants to learn, overcome and succeed in life. Our role as educators is to enable, enrich this process and facilitate their all-round learning, holistic growth and discovery of themselves and of the world around them. This we do in hand-in-hand with our stakeholders, especially with our parents. Anderson True North, in sum, is this set of shared beliefs and values of this living, learning school community, encapsulating also passion for learning, quest for excellence and continuous improvement and a culture of gratitude, trust and service unto others. 

Guided by our True North and our Positive Core in this 20th School Anniversary, we aspire to scale new heights, hand-in-hand, together. May 2020 be a year of enlargement for us. May 2020 be a year of new and happy beginnings - for each member of this learning community individually, and for Anderson Primary School corporately. 

Hand-in-hand, together

Delia Hoo (Mdm)
December 2019