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Principal's Message

A warm welcome to 2018!

After two years in the holding site from 2014-2015, the school has successfully transited to a single-session school in January 2016. The upgraded site boasts a wide range of new and enhanced facilities aimed at providing our children with the space to explore, expand and discover learning, be it in the area of languages, science, arts or sports. The upgraded PRIME Site has provided our staff and children with a synthetic school field and exciting learning spaces in the newly built Indoor Sports Hall Block – facilities that include a Band Studio, Dance Studio, PAL Room, Health and Fitness Room, a covered basketball court, a playground, a sports hall with gallery seats, a Mini-Theatrette and a Teaching Lab. Over the past 1 year, the school has built new facilities like a new library, a new biodiversity garden and a Living Arts Gallery, all designed to bring about greater joy and engagement of learning. This will not be possible without the close support and collaboration of our stakeholders and partners from the School Advisory Committee, the MOE School Campus Branch as well as the team of external building consultants including the architect, engineers, contractors and our school managing agent. I would like to thank those who have worked closely with us on this PRIME journey for their sweat and toil in making this upgraded site and our Commemoration of Completion of PRIME in 2017 possible.

Since its inception in 2000 and aligning to the Ministry of Education’s vision of providing a student-centric, values-driven education for our students, Anderson Primary envisions to be a good school that is recognised for its robustness and rigour in its academic and non-academic domains. More importantly, we strive to be a good school that is recognised for being anchored in character education and one that provides quality and authentic learning experiences for our students in the physical, aesthetics, cognitive, social and moral domains.

Our school vision, ‘Learners of Passion, Leaders of Heart and Citizens of Character’, aims to develop Andersonians with strength of character, who possess the skills to meet current and future challenges and who possess the right values and attitudes to learn, unlearn and relearn new skills. In our next chapter of growth, we strive to be guided by our 3 strategic goals, namely, 1. Innovative & Driven Staff, Our Key 2. Joyful and Engaged Learning Experiences, Our Core 3. Holistic and Anchored Andersonians, Our Focus, and our ‘3 School Beliefs’– Firstly, our belief that every child can learn, should be given the opportunity to learn and to be an engaged learner. Secondly, our belief that every teacher is a caring and skillful educator who believes in the potential of every child, who gives his/her best in bringing about engaged learning in every child. Thirdly, our belief that learning, as advocated by educational philosopher, John Dewey, should be experiential and experience-based. Learning should also be engaging, purposeful and customized to meet all learners’ needs. Through our school theme for 2017 - 2018, ‘Collaborate. Create. Innovate’, we hope to encourage each and every one of our staff and Andersonians to collaborate as team members to create new learning experiences and to strive for new improvements and innovations on the ground.

2017 was a year of pride for the school. In the academic area, Anderson has continued to put up a commendable and consistent performance across the different academic subjects at PSLE. Numerous awards were also clinched by the students in the various national competitions for the different subject disciplines, including achievements at the Wits & Words Inter-Schools Debate Competition, YMCA Plain English Speaking Award, Babble and Speak Competition, Moo-O Competition, Smartkids Asia - Public Speaking Competition, 10th National Storytelling Competition ("Leaders of Greatness"), National Primary Schools Chinese Story-telling Competition, Inaugural Children Chinese Picture Book Creation Contest. Under the mentorship and guidance by the teachers, Anderson has also recorded notable achievements in numerous Mathematics and Science Competitions, for example, the Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC) 2017, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 2017, the 16th Elementz Science Exhibition and Competition and the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad. Beyond awards, what drives the school would be providing our children with varied experiences to stretch and expand their learning; learning beyond textbooks and beyond the boundaries of classrooms.

The school has also continued to shine in the non-academic area, achieving commendable results and breakthroughs in the area of the arts. The school is a proud recipient of the Certificate of Recognition at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2017 and two Gold awards at the 2nd Singapore International Chinese Music Competition. In July 2017, with the support of Yio Chu Kang CC, our P5 students did a showcase of their ANDventure playlets at the Ang Mo Kio Central Stage. The Chinese Dance Ensemble and Gymnastics girls also led a team of Primary 3 students in performing the Opening Item at this year’s Chingay National Education Show. In November 2016, the school held our public ticketed concert, People. Passion. Poise! at the Victoria Theatre. The concert featured close to 300 performers from seven performing arts groups – Angklung & Kulintang Ensemble, Brass Band, Chinese Dance, Drama Club, Guitar Ensemble, Guzheng Ensemble and International Dance, and showcased the rich, vibrant and growing arts culture in Anderson Primary School in one celebratory concert. The school firmly believes in the value of the arts to develop critical and creative thinking skills, and performance and moral character in our children, and hopes to continue to provide different meaningful platforms for our students to showcase their passion in the arts.

In the sports arena, the school has also achieved notable results in the area of Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Football, Tcoukball and Bowling. At the National Schools Sports Competitions 2017, the Junior and Senior Basketball Boys Team were Top 4 in the North Zone Basketball Championships and were both Top 8 in the National Basketball Championships. The school’s ‘Learning for Life Programme’ in the area of Sports and Outdoor Education, attained since 2014, continues to provide varied and meaningful experiences for students in developing their sports interests and talents. Some highlights of the interesting programmes run under this LLP include the P2 Swim Safer Programme, P3 Healthier Body and Mind Programme, P4 Outdoor Education Programme and the P5 Annual Camp, testament of the school’s belief and commitment in growing character through sports.

Other proud achievements of the school in 2017 included the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award in the Singapore Environment Council-Star Hub School Green Award; 2nd place at the 7th National Primary School Photography Competition, Champion at the Animania Competition – 3D Doodling Category, 1st place at the Singapore Night Festival Video Competition, Bronze Award at the 31st YMCA Plain English Speaking Award. Achievements were also recorded at the recent N6 Cluster Media and Design Festival where the participating teams clinched Overall Championship, 1st in Animation, 3rd in Robotics and 4th in Videography, 1st and Overall Champions for the 3D Animation Competitions.

Over the years, our students also had the opportunity to attend a series of exciting and meaningful local and overseas learning journeys to countries like China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. This year, 2 teams of students have embarked on overseas learning trips to China (Shanghai) and Malaysia over the past few months as part of our student leadership and cultural immersion programmes.

Our students have shone in the many learning domains. The many achievements in the academic and non-academic areas are possible only because of the belief and commitment of all staff members of Anderson Primary. I would like to take this platform to thank all teachers and supporting staff members for your dedication and valuable contributions in providing a rich and quality education to the students under your care. Thank you for your belief, your sacrifices and strong commitment in guiding your students through the different learning experiences and more importantly, for living up the MOE vision of ‘Every Teacher a Caring Educator’. Thank you Anderson teachers for making a difference in the lives of all Andersonians.
Kenneth Ginsburg in his book ‘Building Resilience in Children and Teens’ shares about the importance of giving kids ‘roots and wings’. I can fully resonate with this. To raise children who are happy, confident and who possess the right attributes to lead meaningful and successful lives, the role of educators and parents is paramount. The many success stories of our students would not have been possible without the belief and partnership of our key stakeholders like our SAC, PSG, our parent volunteers and other community partners.

Moving into 2018, I look forward to strengthening partnerships with all staff, parents and stakeholders in providing an exciting and experience-rich education for our students and in writing the next chapter of our Anderson Story. With your support and belief, we aspire to scale our next peak of excellence as a school.

Have a blessed and purposeful 2018!

Mrs Tan Wie Pin