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Compliments from parents and students

                                                                                                                                          2 July 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo

This is Mrs Ng who just returned from Hong Kong and we met in school on Monday when I brought my boy. This morning, Chong En had some nose bleed and his friend brought him to the General Office. He mentioned that a lady was very kind to him and helped him stop the bleeding. She also helped him find a new tee to change into. Based on what he described, I think the person is Poh Choo. I would sincerely like to express my thanks to her for being so patient and kind to Chong En, else he would have been so flustered, this being only his second day in school. He has been having nose bleeds recently and the Doctor had mentioned that it could be due to allergies or that he is still adapting to the weather.

Separately, when Yee Leng heard that the PE uniforms for his size is out of stock, she has also proactively helped us find extra uniforms in the school to pass to us. I am glad that there are so many helpful staff in Anderson Primary who had helped him feel more assured in a new school. These may be seemed as small gestures but they definitely mean a lot to us. Once again, thank you!

- Mrs Ng, Parent of student (3.6) of Anderson Primary School (2021) -

                                                                                                                                                         2 Jan 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo

We are the parents of James Juwono from 6.4 (2020).  As he has completed his primary school education, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you and the Anderson team of educators for guiding our son for the last 6 years. It has been an enriching and eventful journey for James to have received guidance and care from your team.

Looking back at his journey, we would like to share our great appreciation for some of his teachers.

When James first entered Primary 1, we were worried for him for taking up Chinese as his Mother Tongue Language as we do not speak Chinese at home. Although we tried to prepare him since young by enrolling him for Chinese tuitions, we were concerned that he would be behind his peers. However, James was blessed to have received guidance from Mdm. Neo. Her patience and care allowed James to build his foundation and continued to grow from there. Mdm. Neo maintained an open communication and she was prompt in providing the necessary feedback on James progress. I remembered we would be looking forward to her input in the ClassDojo every day and asked James for what he did during Chinese lessons. We are also grateful to Mdm. Neo for giving James a Chinese name so that he did not feel out of place from not having one.

As James progressed to Primary 3, he had the opportunity to receive guidance from Mr. Liang as form teacher. James had always been a curious boy and he enjoyed Mr. Liang class very much. He said that Science was his favourite subject and it still is until now. We believed Mr. Liang's method of teaching contributed greatly to building James's strong interest in Science. I recalled that Mr. Liang emphasized on understanding rather than memorizing and this allowed James to build a strong foundation for Science and Math. James was fortunate to have received guidance from Mr. Liang as well when he went to Primary 4.

In Primary 5, I remember we were feeling apprehensive because we heard from other parents that P5 is the toughest level and can be overwhelming for the children. Fortunately in P5, James was able to receive guidance from Ms. Guo and Mdm. Er. We are thankful for the open communication from both teachers and the honest as well as constructive feedback given. Although James struggled with his higher Chinese, thanks to both teachers, he was able to maintain and cope with the other subjects. We really appreciate Mdm. Er for continuing building and nurturing James's interest in Science.

It was a blessing in disguise when Anderson decided to discontinue the bowling CCA. Under Ms, Guo guidance, James was able to have the opportunity to participate in 2019's National Robotics Competition. It was really an enriching experience and the Robotics CCA allowed him to grow his interest in coding, which is one of the essential skills as we are gearing up to a SmartNation.

In 2020, when the circuit breaker was announced earlier this year, we were concerned as this is a critical year for James as he is taking PSLE. But as I had mentioned in my previous communication, I am grateful that the Anderson team was prepared and able to handle the situation very well. Ms. Guo was able to continue to engage the class through online lessons and taking extra time for additional sessions. She was able to continue sharing the curriculum online which I feel tells a lot about her commitment in getting the children ready for PSLE.

I do not think I can do justice to the contribution and dedication of the teachers with just this email. But we do sincerely hope that this letter of appreciation can go a long way for the teachers. Thank you Mdm. Neo, Mr. Liang, Mdm. Er and Ms. Guo for being part of James primary school education. No matter what his PSLE result is, we know that he tried his best and he had a wonderful journey.

- Mr and Mrs Juwono, Parents of student (6.4) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

                                                                                                                                                 2 Jan 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo and APS Teachers

Thanks for your kind support, and for guiding our children all the way from Primary 1 to end of PSLE 2020. 

We appreciate for your great responsibilities and support. Thank you for teaching my child discipline, social responsibilities as well as  preparing them to be responsible leaders to this community for the next generation.

We would like convey our special thanks to Principal and Teachers who played their roles with great effort, especially  Mrs. Steven, who put more effort and spent more time to teach our students/children all the way till the end of this PSLE journey. Also we greatly appreciate her for her close observation, monitoring of children discipline, updating parents regularly, identifying their weak areas and preparing them with practice papers, conducting many online classes during this COVID-19 period till end of PSLE-2020 and to push them to  familiarize and understand the subject deeply and clearly. As a result, most of the students achieved good grades like  A* & A in their subject. Our Son also improved in his grade and got an A which helped to push his t-score. This have helped him to get into the express course. 

Therefore, I would like to thank all and every teacher in Anderson Primary for their support.

- Mr Raguraman, Parent of student (6.2) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

                                                                                                                                2 Jan 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo

I would like to say 'Thank You' to you and the school for giving Jovan a good learning environment, one with much guidance, patience, concern and care. Kindly extend our gratitude to VP (Mrs Chng), Mr Tan (6. 6)  and the Year Head (Mrs Soh) too.

- Mdm Cecilia Koh, Parent of student (6.6) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -