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Compliments from parents and students
                                                                                                                                      11 June 2020 LETTER OF APPRECIATION TO TEACHERS OF ANDERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL  

I would really like to thank Ms Neo. It’s really not easy for all the teachers during the CB. During the CB, Ms Neo conducted virtual meetings for the class. After the class, she would ask some of the students to stay on so that she can have individual time with them. When I had questions about the HBL materials, she would call me and explain. We really appreciate what she has done for the students. It’s such a blessing to have such a dedicated and passionate teacher. Ms Neo, thank you.
- Mr Desmond Chung, Parent of a student (2.1) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4 May 2020 LETTER OF APPRECIATION TO TEACHERS OF ANDERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL  

Dear Mdm Delia Hoo 

I am writing this letter to pay my gratitude, my respect and appreciation to the hard work during this circuit breaker that Anderson Primary School has done!

Thank you for holding facebook live twice weekly to keep in touch and bonding with the parents and Andersonians.

I would like to thank all the staff and teachers for pouring all their pleasure times to assist the students. Their workloads are even more tough and longer working hours compared to the past. They have to plan timetables and upload either in the late night or early morning. They have to check on students' temperature. They have to entertain, assist and keep track of either the parents or students' messages from physically to mentally assistance if there is. They have to mark, explain not a class but 2 or 3 classes that they are in charge of. They have to make time for virtual online. They have to work late and awake early. They have elderly, family and children to take care too but they are putting so much time for Andersonians than to their family.

We remember the front line but how about the hero and heroes behind like the teachers, staff and cleaner and so on. We are just handling our own family members' matters but the teachers have to handle more than what we are doing now. They are handling it thrice times more.

I would like to thank all 6.2 class teachers. Especially to Mr Leow, he is so responsible and he always makes sure and concerns all his students are doing well, he has to understand their well being and checks promptly all the assessments that have been assigned to them too and so does Mrs Ratnaraja too.

My heartfelt thanks to them and hopefully this COVID-19 will be gone and everyone will be safe and healthy.

- Ms Eileen Leong, Parent of a student (6.2) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

                                                                                                                                    28 April 2020 LETTER OF APPRECIATION TO TEACHERS OF ANDERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL  
My name is Hendrik and my spouse is Lidi, we are parents of James Juwono, P6-4 and Brigitta Natalie Juwono, P2-3. First and formost, we would like to thank you and the Anderson team for the professional manner how the full Home Based Learning (HBL) is conducted. We really appreciate the effort from the team to maintain and continue our children's education even during this difficult situation due to the Covid-19 and the circuit breaker measures. Couple of points we would like to highlight: 1. The daily check-in "Arise & Shine, Andersonians!" definitely helps to maintain the routine for the children to continue to wake up early in the morning. Although I think the kids are getting tired of me asking what's their goal everyday, it helps us to start the morning. 2. The principal’s live streaming on Monday and Wednesday is also highly appreciated as you continue to engage and share with us on what's happening and for maintaining communication. Hearing your voice is also a sure wake up call for the kids :) In this light, we also would like to share our appreciation to Mdm. Kavitha as she continues to engage us parents even from before the start of the HBL and also for sharing instructions daily on what her class need to do in SLS the next day. This is very helpful especially for P2 level as it allow us to monitor and provides helps where necessary. She has also been conducting interactive Zoom sessions with the whole class and also at group level. Natalie enjoys the sessions very much as she is able to communicate with her classmates. We also appreciate Mdm. Kavitha for conducting parent-teacher Zoom meeting today to share her observations on Natalie's progress and her academic performance as well as areas of improvement for us to take note and pay attention to. At the same time we also would like to appreciate Ms. Guo for her effort in engaging her class through SLS and Zoom sessions as well. We understand from James that she conducted lessons and was trying to introduce new Math topic during one of the sessions. It can be challenging to do so in classroom setting and even more so during online session. It requires trusts and understanding between the student and the teacher. It has not been easy for everyone to suddenly switch to work from home and home base learning arrangement. But we are grateful that Anderson team is able to adapt and step up to the challenge. We look forward to continue working together with you and your team for our children's education journey. - Parent of James Juwono (6.4) and Brigitta Natalie Juwono (2.3),
  students of Anderson Primary School (2020) - 25 April 2020 LETTER OF APPRECIATION TO TEACHERS OF ANDERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL   Hi Mdm Hoo! You might not remember me but I am Charlene Peh, 6.1 class of 2019. I wanted to say ‘hi’ and do help me say hi to the following teachers! 1) Mr Ben Choo (he taught me Chinese the previous year and if not for him I would have failed Chinese in the PSLE.) 2) Miss Angela Lee (she was my CCA teacher: gymnatics) 3) Mdm Er or as I call her, Miss Er (she was my Science teacher in P5) 4) Mrs Sharon Yeo (she was my Math teacher in P5) 5) Mr Edmund Liang (he was my P4 Math teacher) 6) Mrs Serene Soh (my last year Math teacher) 7) Mrs Ada Ang (my P5 SS teacher) 8) Mdm Siti (my last year SS teacher) 9) Miss Gracia Lim (my last year Music teacher as well as my brother's Music teacher) 10) Mr Jerome Leow (he was my P4 or P3 co-form teacher) 11) Mr Peter Toh Kee Seong (he was my P5 Science teacher) 12) Mr Anuar Adam (he was my Art teacher last year) 13) Mrs Tok Yin Ling (she was my P3 Math teacher) 14) Ms Jaime Chia Ai Lin (she was my classmate's English teacher but I know her and often say ‘hi’ when we cross paths at Anderson.) 15) Mr Chong Wee Tit (he was my Chinese teacher when I was P2) And please say ‘hi’ to the vice-principals for me! I truly miss my days at Anderson Primary. Thank you for taking the time to read my email!        
- Charlene Peh (6.1), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

25 February 2020


I would like to send my gratitude to Mrs Lisa Kan (form teacher of Class 4.4) for her support and understanding when addressing my concerns. She gave me timely feedback and useful advice on how I can better support my daughter, Lee Sim Yee at home. Mrs Kan is a caring teacher who makes the effort, gives attention and guidance to her students. Sim Yee has positive feedback about her form teacher. To be a teacher is one of the toughest but yet most meaningful jobs in the world. Teachers can inspire, influence and make a difference in lives. Good teachers need to be appreciated.

Thank you Mrs Kan! 

- Parent of Lee Sim Yee (4.4), student of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

                                                                                                                            9 January 2020


Greetings from Stephen, father of Fiona Roshni (former student of 6.5) & Riona Dhayalini (student of 2.1).

I would like to thank Tamil teacher, Mrs Ramathas, in bringing my elder kid to perform well in the Tamil Language examinations and she scored A* in Tamil Language in PSLE as well as Merit in Higher Tamil Language. The teacher really put in a lot of effort in every segment like composition, oral and grammar. She also encouraged my kid to read more and bring the confidence level up.

Luckily, Mrs Ramathas also taught Tamil for my younger kid Riona in 1.1 (2019) and get her to write and speak well in Tamil.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work put by Mrs Ramathas in increasing the kids learning ability and bring their best to do well in Tamil Language.

- Parent of Riona Dhayalini (2.1), student of Anderson Primary School (2020) and Fiona Roshni (6.5), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

                                                                                                                             6 January 2020


This is Priscilla, mother of Riona Dhayalini from 2.1. I am writing this email to share a few positive feedback for Ms Neo, who was the form teacher to our kid last year and Riona started loving her from Day 1.

My kid was indeed a shy, less expressive at the start. It was Ms Neo who guided her, made her feel special and levelled up her confidence. Riona started to make a difference in reading, studying and is more sociable now. She was indeed so attached to Ms Neo. Thanks for raising such teachers who make a positive difference in our kid's life. So proud of Ms Neo!

- Parent of Riona Dhayallini (2.1), student of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

                                                                                                                                2 January 2020


My compliments on the wonderful experience with you over our tele-conversation.

It is heartwarming to receive a friendly greeting in the morning.

You guided me to the relevant notice on the school’s website and attended to my questions for P1 PG for 2021 patiently.

You are a gem to the school.

Thank you.


- Ms Michelle Neo,member of the public -