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From our Stakeholders

Compliment from Parent

14 May 2018

Dear Mrs Tan Wie Pin (Principal),

Cecilia here, mother of Jovan Lim Chen Yu (class P4.4). May I take this opportunity to thank you the English Language Dept, especially Mrs Redwan & Mdm Aatiyah Tan for their patience, approachable & caring nature; and for giving the children chances to be exposed to areas that they are interested in. Examples, like the recent Share A Book session (which Jovan volunteered during class); the teams' Speech Competition (organised by the Speech Academy), the individual's Speech experience (ref the Arts Busking / Nights Festival), plus the upcoming spelling game show "Word Whiz or Slime Pit" (WWSP).

All these provided positive learnings to Jovan & belief for the other children as well (eg confidence booster, more verbal & expressive, team work & most importantly the "never give up" attitude!)

As not every participation ended up with success... but can see the perseverance in them, as the children are so enthusiastic & harbour good team spirit, include good bonding with the teachers.
Jovan once said (when he was in lower primary)... "Failure is not about failing, failure is about not persevering." Glad he managed to apply this through these speech learnings.

Thanks again school & teachers for grooming children in various aspect - holistically & academically.

- Ms. Cecilia Koh, Mummy of Jovan Lim Chen Yu -

Compliment from Parent

3 May 2018

Dear Mrs Tan,

My name is Hooi Lin. My daughter, Ruijia Wong, is currently in class 1.7. I am writing this e-mail to share with you how much I appreciate the effort Mrs Redwan has put in to guide Ruijia in the recent Smartkids Asia's public speaking competition.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Redwan for providing Ruijia with early exposure to public speaking! She not only guided Ruijia to come out with the content of the speech, but she also went the extra mile to provide Ruijia (as well as other children) a few practice sessions to learn the public speaking skills before the competition. Since then, Ruijia has acquired a deep interest in public speaking. And most importantly, I saw my child blossom into a confident person throughout the whole experience.

I once read this quote somewhere, "A good teacher isn't someone who gives the answers out to their kids but is understanding of needs and challenges and gives tools to help other people succeed. " I am glad that Ruijia has met an excellent teacher (Mrs Redwan!!) who unleashes her inner potential. Without Mrs Redwan's guidance, Ruijia would not be where she is today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Ms. Hooi Lin, Mummy of Ruijia Wong -

Compliment from External stakeholder

12 March 2018

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am writing to express my appreciation to Mr Poh Chee Peng, one of the volleyball teachers in Anderson Primary. This is an overdue email but I believe his act of kindness should not go unnoticed.

I was in Anderson Primary School with my basketball team for the North Zone Basketball Championship in February and needed a court for warm up. Mr Poh’s CCA was starting but he did not hesitate to remove his volleyball posts to make space for my team. When Anderson’s basketball team came down, he even reminded the boys to give us the space because Anderson had already played their match for that day. 

It may seem like a small act but we have met other teachers who were not as kind, so the 20 minutes of space sharing means a lot to my team. It takes a teacher with a big heart to do this for children from another school. 

Thank you, Mr Poh.

- Ms. Hui Qi, Basketball Teacher-in-charge Endeavour Primary -

Compliment from Parent

27 January 2018

Dear Mr. Adam, 

I am Luca's mummy. Thank you for teaching Luca art this year. I just want to thank you for inspiring him. He enjoys your lessons so much and always looking forward to attending Thursday's lesson. I love to pick him up on Thursday, because he always look like an artist with paints all over :). 

And he always can't wait to share with me what he did in art class. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when requested to paint on weekend - and he rarely does painting at home. Teachers can inspire kids; and you are definitely doing that. 

Thank you so much, Mr Adam.

- Ms. Ivy Tan-Joanny, Mummy of Luca Joanny -