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Compliment from Parent

15 October 2017

Dear Mrs Tan, 

With the end to Jordan and Shannon's immersion program at Anderson Primary School, we would like to express our gratitude for the love, dedication and patience shown by you and your team. A big Thank You to Ms Lim and Ms Neo, Jordan's and Shannon's form teachers respectively. 

The children will cherish the friendship and memories formed during this short 4 weeks of immersion. They speak fondly of the happenings in school, and interactions with their fellow classmates. It was also an eye-opener for Shannon, having never experienced the Singapore school system before. 

We wish you and your team the very best of health, love and joy. 

Thank you.

- Mr. & Mrs Lim, Parents of Jordan & Shannon -

Compliment from Parent

12 September 2017

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Ms Sutha, FT of Class 1.7 for her provision of care to my son. 

Due to my son's timid nature, he was extremely worried when he could not locate his Maths workbook upon his return home yesterday. He was concerned as he could not complete his homework for today. As he was crying continuously even when we sent him to school today, I contacted Ms Sutha to keep a watch on him. I was updated by her subsequently that he was fine and the workbook was left behind under his desk. 

I am grateful to Ms Sutha's prompt actions to assure us of my son's well-being. Thank you.

- Eugene Lee, Parent of Lee Kai Yuan, P1.7 -

Appreciation from Bangkok Education Delegates

11 September 2017
Dear Mrs Tan and Mr Koh,
Good Afternoon to you and hope this finds you well.
On behalf of the delegation from Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage, Board Members from Siam Singapore International School: RVi Academy Bangkok and the RVi Group, we would like to thank you and your team for hosting us at your school. It was certainly an eye-opener and a wonderful experience for us all. 
Should you and/or any of your team members plan to visit Bangkok, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hosting you.
Thank you once again and "Best Wishes to All Anderson P6 for the Upcoming PSLE". 

- Christina Chan -

Compliment from Parent

8 September 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,
I applaud the school’s decision to assess my P4 boy with topical test for Math and Science. We had a breeze going through the revision and he managed to understand the topic relatively well. He came home beaming from ears to ears showing off his test papers.

I believe topical assessment works for him where he can focus on one topic at a time and have joy in the learning process. I hope that will give him the confidence to face new challenges and overcome difficult questions in future.
Thank you

- Michelle Neo -

Compliment from Parent

29 August 2017

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Isabella's form teacher, Ms Kavitha of class 1.3.
Ms Kavitha is a responsible teacher who has fire and passion in her job as an educator. She goes beyond school walls, to extend moral support to parents.
Today, I receive a phone call from her to compliment Bella. Even though the piece of information may seem insignificant to others, it truly does matter to us, as parents.
I am inspired by such dedication and exemplary role demonstrated by her. I am honored to have Bella as her student, as part of Anderson Primary School.
Thank you for joining hands with us parents.

- Norizan, Parent of Isabella, P1.3 -

Appreciation from Founder of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts

21 August 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone who coordinated the school visit at Anderson Primary School. The timing was indeed rush to properly organize this program, but it was made possible because of your cooperation and coordination efforts.

It was unfortunate that we didn't have a chance to converse as fellow educators. We, however, were touched by your passion and devotion toward providing best education to your students in order to develop them to become productive members of Singapore and the world society.

Our journey to many learning centers in Singapore had also helped us to envision our ideal school and education. The knowledge and experiences we got from learning about your school's holistic approach in education, observing art classrooms, discussing and exchanging education vision with your staffs has profoundly enriched our vision of the ideal education that we like to conduct at our new school.

What we have learned from your school does not make us only appreciate the value of arts education and many intangible benefits it brings to children, but it also makes us realize the meaningful truth that we share the same heart that beats for our students, their future and our nation even though our schools are operated in different geo-socio-economic backgrounds.

On behalf of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts, I would like to express my gratitude to you and every dedicated personnel who serve in this school for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your team to Roong Aroon School to foster the relationship between our schools.

- Associate Professor Prapapat Niyom, Founder of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts -

Appreciation from untrained LBS, AED

11 August 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

On my last day in Anderson Primary School, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your school staff for making me feel welcome in the school for the past few months.

It has been a wonderful learning journey as I have learnt much from the AED team. Special thanks go to Ms Nancy and Ms Agnes for their unselfish sharing, in depth knowledge of SEN students and deep concerns for these children.

Also have I learned much from other teachers. Kudos to the teachers of LSP, LSM, RRP, I CAN and Foundation classes. Their patience and never-give-up spirit inspire me.

Once again, a big thank you to ALL.

- Joanna Yong Fong Ling, (untrained LBS, AED) -

Compliments from MP for AMK GRC

16 July 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

It was a real pleasure to join you and your students at the ‘Magic in the Community’ performance at AMK Central Stage on Saturday, 8 July 2017. I have enjoyed myself tremendously. The kids were hilarious and their creativity and spontaneity showed through. This is an excellent initiative by Anderson Primary School to make learning fun and experiential. Your teachers and you have clearly put in much efforts. I'm glad YCK CC was able to provide the platform for them to showcase their talents. We will be more than happy to continue this partnership with your school and to explore ways in which the community can become a place of learning for the students. Thank you once again and I look forward to our next event together!

- Dr Koh Poh Koon, Grassroots Advisor, MP for AMK GRC -

Compliments from a Preschool Principal

4 July 2017

Dear Ms. Neo,

I am writing to thank you, your colleagues and Mrs Tan for having us at your school today.

The tour was well-organized and we got to see many of your school facilities and many of our children cited that this was the best field trip they ever had!

Thank you so much for all your efforts. We really appreciate it!

- Ms. Claire Oh, Principal of Little Footprints Preschool@Thomson Pte Ltd -

Appreciation from a parent

17 April 2017
Dear Mrs Tan,

Dancesport Competition is organized by Edgefield Primary School for all primary schools and held once in every 2 years. 

Sometime in Feb this year, I got in touch with Teacher Fion as my girl, Hazel Tan from P3.6 wanted to participate in this competition. In a short time, Teacher Fion managed to get the registration form and submitted it timely for us. 

Though Hazel was the only student who represented Anderson Primary School for the Dancesport Competition held on 13/04/17, Teacher Fion readily supported her participation without any hesitation. 

On the day of the competition, Teacher Fion took a cab and rushed down from another event which took place in the first half of the day and managed to make it in time for the registration and collection of number tag. She was with Hazel throughout the competition and her encouragement really boosted Hazel’s confidence. 

This is the first dance competition which Hazel has ever participated. She managed to make it through 2 qualifying rounds and moved on to the Semi-Finals. Though she didn’t qualify for the Finals (Top 8), we are still very proud of her.

It is only after the competition then I know that Teacher Fion has actually skipped her lunch to rush for this competition. Even so, she stayed with Hazel throughout the competition and ensured that Hazel is in her best mode. Her commitment and support is greatly appreciated. Such teachers are truly precious assets of Anderson Primary! 

Please convey my sincerest thanks to Teacher Fion. 
Thank you very much Teacher Fion for your time and support!! 


- Mdm Angie Tay, parent of Hazel Tan P3.6 -

Compliments from a grandparent

8 February 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

I would like to express my appreciation to your staff, Mdm Pamela Chia, from the General Office.

Today, my helper accidentally left the set of house keys in my grandson, Ryan Tan's (Primary 5.6) lunch carrier. As this was the only set of keys, there was no way for us to enter our home.

I explained the situation to Mdm Pamela Chia, who was very patient and understanding. She took down Ryan's details and immediately set off to retrieve the keys.

Mdm Chia's customer service was exemplary. She saved my day - otherwise I would have to spend my time waiting aimlessly at the bus stop until dismissal time. 

Please convey my gratitude to Mdm Chia. You have an excellent employee.   

- Elsie Tan, Ryan Tan's grandmother - 

Appreciation from a parent

8 February 2017

It is gratifying to know that there is always a guardian angel out there like Mrs Lau Han Kee who lends a hand to guide and teaches my daughter. Her patience and foresight are a blessing to my child and I thank her for believing that no child or parent out there is left helpless and in despair.

- Ms Selina Ng, parent -