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Principal's Message for 2022

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Starting from Pioneers of the Future (POTF): Reimagining Learning in 2021
In 2021, it was the ambitious goal of the school to empower our Andersonians to be autonomous and skillful learners, committed to engaging in joyful and impactful learning. As a school, we relentlessly explored every opportunity to maximise their inquiry process and critical thinking – in scaffolding their effort, supporting their learning trajectories, kindling their passion to learn. We piloted our first Foreign Language and Culture Module (German), a customised programme with Goethe-Institut. It was also our first-year Applied Learning Programme (ALP) Eureka! implementation. We inaugurated a one-to-one iPad Learning Experience, in partnership with Apple Singapore, as part of our digital literacy and inclusion programme for our P4 (2021) classes. We completed TRANSIT-in-class with PSB with our students achieving very favourable outcomes. Our STEM and CCE curricula further streamlined as they incorporated Citizen Science and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote student awareness of contemporary issues and big ideas of climate change and environment stewardship. We officiated our Teacher Leaders Council, which set the stage for stronger professional collaboration and learning among the teaching staff. Our EAS staff learnt on the job and supported the school in leveraging technology and deepening digital transformation. So POTF: Reimagining Learning ended on a resoundingly upbeat note, realising its potential for students and staff.

Progressing to POTF: Redefining Leadership in 2022
As we enter the second year of the POTF, it is my plan to zero in on leadership, the second facet of our three-pronged school vision. Taken together, the theme this year is Pioneers of the Future: Redefining Leadership. It is meant to be a seamless, interwoven tapestry from where we started, and, therefore, is to be seen as a continuous narrative that builds on Reimagining Learning. Personally, I see leadership in the light of one’s willingness to work, sacrifice and serve others. It is not about position. Contrary to the ‘great man theory’, a leader is perhaps more like: one who is humble to learn, meek to serve, confident to teach, wise to discern, courageous to do the unpopular right, resilient to adversity, exercises his influence to make things better and always kind to care. Truly, there is much to unpack on this vast and profound topic. In the coming year, it is my audacious dream to bring Anderson Primary School on an inward journey of self-discovery through reflection and peer support. We shall take small but firm steps towards reviewing our personal paradigms and notions about leadership. It will be an adventure and I invite you to join us!

Delia Hoo (Mdm)
December 2021