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Compliments from parents and students

2 July 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo

This is Mrs Ng who just returned from Hong Kong and we met in school on Monday when I brought my boy. This morning, Chong En had some nose bleed and his friend brought him to the General Office. He mentioned that a lady was very kind to him and helped him stop the bleeding. She also helped him find a new tee to change into. Based on what he described, I think the person is Poh Choo. I would sincerely like to express my thanks to her for being so patient and kind to Chong En, else he would have been so flustered, this being only his second day in school. He has been having nose bleeds recently and the Doctor had mentioned that it could be due to allergies or that he is still adapting to the weather.

Separately, when Yee Leng heard that the PE uniforms for his size is out of stock, she has also proactively helped us find extra uniforms in the school to pass to us. I am glad that there are so many helpful staff in Anderson Primary who had helped him feel more assured in a new school. These may be seemed as small gestures but they definitely mean a lot to us. Once again, thank you!

- Mrs Ng, Parent of student (3.6) of Anderson Primary School (2021) -

2 Jan 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo

We are the parents of James Juwono from 6.4 (2020). As he has completed his primary school education, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you and the Anderson team of educators for guiding our son for the last 6 years. It has been an enriching and eventful journey for James to have received guidance and care from your team.

Looking back at his journey, we would like to share our great appreciation for some of his teachers.

When James first entered Primary 1, we were worried for him for taking up Chinese as his Mother Tongue Language as we do not speak Chinese at home. Although we tried to prepare him since young by enrolling him for Chinese tuitions, we were concerned that he would be behind his peers. However, James was blessed to have received guidance from Mdm. Neo. Her patience and care allowed James to build his foundation and continued to grow from there. Mdm. Neo maintained an open communication and she was prompt in providing the necessary feedback on James progress. I remembered we would be looking forward to her input in the ClassDojo every day and asked James for what he did during Chinese lessons. We are also grateful to Mdm. Neo for giving James a Chinese name so that he did not feel out of place from not having one.

As James progressed to Primary 3, he had the opportunity to receive guidance from Mr. Liang as form teacher. James had always been a curious boy and he enjoyed Mr. Liang class very much. He said that Science was his favourite subject and it still is until now. We believed Mr. Liang's method of teaching contributed greatly to building James's strong interest in Science. I recalled that Mr. Liang emphasized on understanding rather than memorizing and this allowed James to build a strong foundation for Science and Math. James was fortunate to have received guidance from Mr. Liang as well when he went to Primary 4.

In Primary 5, I remember we were feeling apprehensive because we heard from other parents that P5 is the toughest level and can be overwhelming for the children. Fortunately in P5, James was able to receive guidance from Ms. Guo and Mdm. Er. We are thankful for the open communication from both teachers and the honest as well as constructive feedback given. Although James struggled with his higher Chinese, thanks to both teachers, he was able to maintain and cope with the other subjects. We really appreciate Mdm. Er for continuing building and nurturing James's interest in Science.

It was a blessing in disguise when Anderson decided to discontinue the bowling CCA. Under Ms, Guo guidance, James was able to have the opportunity to participate in 2019's National Robotics Competition. It was really an enriching experience and the Robotics CCA allowed him to grow his interest in coding, which is one of the essential skills as we are gearing up to a SmartNation.

In 2020, when the circuit breaker was announced earlier this year, we were concerned as this is a critical year for James as he is taking PSLE. But as I had mentioned in my previous communication, I am grateful that the Anderson team was prepared and able to handle the situation very well. Ms. Guo was able to continue to engage the class through online lessons and taking extra time for additional sessions. She was able to continue sharing the curriculum online which I feel tells a lot about her commitment in getting the children ready for PSLE.

I do not think I can do justice to the contribution and dedication of the teachers with just this email. But we do sincerely hope that this letter of appreciation can go a long way for the teachers. Thank you Mdm. Neo, Mr. Liang, Mdm. Er and Ms. Guo for being part of James primary school education. No matter what his PSLE result is, we know that he tried his best and he had a wonderful journey.

- Mr and Mrs Juwono, Parents of student (6.4) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

2 Jan 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo and APS Teachers

Thanks for your kind support, and for guiding our children all the way from Primary 1 to end of PSLE 2020.

We appreciate for your great responsibilities and support. Thank you for teaching my child discipline, social responsibilities as well as preparing them to be responsible leaders to this community for the next generation.

We would like convey our special thanks to Principal and Teachers who played their roles with great effort, especially Mrs. Steven, who put more effort and spent more time to teach our students/children all the way till the end of this PSLE journey. Also we greatly appreciate her for her close observation, monitoring of children discipline, updating parents regularly, identifying their weak areas and preparing them with practice papers, conducting many online classes during this COVID-19 period till end of PSLE-2020 and to push them to familiarize and understand the subject deeply and clearly. As a result, most of the students achieved good grades like A* & A in their subject. Our Son also improved in his grade and got an A which helped to push his t-score. This have helped him to get into the express course.

Therefore, I would like to thank all and every teacher in Anderson Primary for their support.

- Mr Raguraman, Parent of student (6.2) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

2 Jan 2021

Dear Mdm Hoo

I would like to say 'Thank You' to you and the school for giving Jovan a good learning environment, one with much guidance, patience, concern and care. Kindly extend our gratitude to VP (Mrs Chng), Mr Tan (6. 6) and the Year Head (Mrs Soh) too.

- Mdm Cecilia Koh, Parent of student (6.6) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -


Compliments from parents and students

29 September 2020

Dear Mr Jerome Leow,

I am writing to you to thank you for your two and a half years of teaching me. You sparked my interest in Math and Science and you are the reason I am in NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. I will always remember your contribution and sacrifice, and I will treasure you for all of my life.

- Kah Jun Jie (6.3), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

3 September 2020

Dear Ms Delia,

My daughter is a student of APS. Today I wish to greet all teachers a very “Happy Teacher’s Day”!

I also wish to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Ms Angela Lee for her tireless efforts in nurturing and supporting my daughter. Ms Lee always makes time to discuss with me my daughter’s issues and updates me her progress in school through phone calls and messages, I truly appreciate her dedication, care and professionalism. The same goes to Mdm Phua, she is my daughter’s Maths teacher, she is a very caring teacher too! This letter of compliment is my best Teacher’s Day present for them.

Thank you for building this caring culture among Teachers in APS and please continue the good works! God bless!

- Ms Lucy, Parent of a student (5.2) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

11 June 2020

I would really like to thank Ms Neo. It’s really not easy for all the teachers during the CB. During the CB, Ms Neo conducted virtual meetings for the class. After the class, she would ask some of the students to stay on so that she can have individual time with them. When I had questions about the HBL materials, she would call me and explain. We really appreciate what she has done for the students. It’s such a blessing to have such a dedicated and passionate teacher. Ms Neo, thank you.

- Mr Desmond Chung, Parent of a student (2.1) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

4 May 2020

Dear Mdm Delia Hoo

I am writing this letter to pay my gratitude, my respect and appreciation to the hard work during this circuit breaker that Anderson Primary School has done!

Thank you for holding facebook live twice weekly to keep in touch and bonding with the parents and Andersonians.

I would like to thank all the staff and teachers for pouring all their pleasure times to assist the students. Their workloads are even more tough and longer working hours compared to the past. They have to plan timetables and upload either in the late night or early morning. They have to check on students' temperature. They have to entertain, assist and keep track of either the parents or students' messages from physically to mentally assistance if there is. They have to mark, explain not a class but 2 or 3 classes that they are in charge of. They have to make time for virtual online. They have to work late and awake early. They have elderly, family and children to take care too but they are putting so much time for Andersonians than to their family.

We remember the front line but how about the hero and heroes behind like the teachers, staff and cleaner and so on. We are just handling our own family members' matters but the teachers have to handle more than what we are doing now. They are handling it thrice times more.

I would like to thank all 6.2 class teachers. Especially to Mr Leow, he is so responsible and he always makes sure and concerns all his students are doing well, he has to understand their well being and checks promptly all the assessments that have been assigned to them too and so does Mrs Ratnaraja too.

My heartfelt thanks to them and hopefully this COVID-19 will be gone and everyone will be safe and healthy.

- Ms Eileen Leong, Parent of a student (6.2) of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

28 April 2020

My name is Hendrik and my spouse is Lidi, we are parents of James Juwono, P6-4 and Brigitta Natalie Juwono, P2-3.

First and formost, we would like to thank you and the Anderson team for the professional manner how the full Home Based Learning (HBL) is conducted.

We really appreciate the effort from the team to maintain and continue our children's education even during this difficult situation due to the Covid-19 and the circuit breaker measures.

Couple of points we would like to highlight:

1. The daily check-in "Arise & Shine, Andersonians!" definitely helps to maintain the routine for the children to continue to wake up early in the morning. Although I think the kids are getting tired of me asking what's their goal everyday, it helps us to start the morning.

2. The principal’s live streaming on Monday and Wednesday is also highly appreciated as you continue to engage and share with us on what's happening and for maintaining communication. Hearing your voice is also a sure wake up call for the kids :)

In this light, we also would like to share our appreciation to Mdm. Kavitha as she continues to engage us parents even from before the start of the HBL and also for sharing instructions daily on what her class need to do in SLS the next day. This is very helpful especially for P2 level as it allow us to monitor and provides helps where necessary. She has also been conducting interactive Zoom sessions with the whole class and also at group level. Natalie enjoys the sessions very much as she is able to communicate with her classmates.

We also appreciate Mdm. Kavitha for conducting parent-teacher Zoom meeting today to share her observations on Natalie's progress and her academic performance as well as areas of improvement for us to take note and pay attention to.

At the same time we also would like to appreciate Ms. Guo for her effort in engaging her class through SLS and Zoom sessions as well. We understand from James that she conducted lessons and was trying to introduce new Math topic during one of the sessions. It can be challenging to do so in classroom setting and even more so during online session. It requires trusts and understanding between the student and the teacher.

It has not been easy for everyone to suddenly switch to work from home and home base learning arrangement. But we are grateful that Anderson team is able to adapt and step up to the challenge. We look forward to continue working together with you and your team for our children's education journey.

- Parent of James Juwono (6.4) and Brigitta Natalie Juwono (2.3), students of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

25 April 2020

Hi Mdm Hoo!

You might not remember me but I am Charlene Peh, 6.1 class of 2019. I wanted to say ‘hi’ and do help me say hi to the following teachers!

1) Mr Ben Choo (he taught me Chinese the previous year and if not for him I would have failed Chinese in the PSLE.)
2) Miss Angela Lee (she was my CCA teacher: gymnatics)
3) Mdm Er or as I call her, Miss Er (she was my Science teacher in P5)
4) Mrs Sharon Yeo (she was my Math teacher in P5)
5) Mr Edmund Liang (he was my P4 Math teacher)
6) Mrs Serene Soh (my last year Math teacher)
7) Mrs Ada Ang (my P5 SS teacher)
8) Mdm Siti (my last year SS teacher)
9) Miss Gracia Lim (my last year Music teacher as well as my brother's Music teacher)
10) Mr Jerome Leow (he was my P4 or P3 co-form teacher)
11) Mr Peter Toh Kee Seong (he was my P5 Science teacher)
12) Mr Anuar Adam (he was my Art teacher last year)
13) Mrs Tok Yin Ling (she was my P3 Math teacher)
14) Ms Jaime Chia Ai Lin (she was my classmate's English teacher but I know her and often say ‘hi’ when we cross paths at Anderson.)
15) Mr Chong Wee Tit (he was my Chinese teacher when I was P2)
And please say ‘hi’ to the vice-principals for me! I truly miss my days at Anderson Primary.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email!

- Charlene Peh (6.1), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

25 February 2020

I would like to send my gratitude to Mrs Lisa Kan (form teacher of Class 4.4) for her support and understanding when addressing my concerns. She gave me timely feedback and useful advice on how I can better support my daughter, Lee Sim Yee at home. Mrs Kan is a caring teacher who makes the effort, gives attention and guidance to her students. Sim Yee has positive feedback about her form teacher. To be a teacher is one of the toughest but yet most meaningful jobs in the world. Teachers can inspire, influence and make a difference in lives. Good teachers need to be appreciated.

Thank you Mrs Kan!

- Parent of Lee Sim Yee (4.4), student of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

9 January 2020

Greetings from Stephen, father of Fiona Roshni (former student of 6.5) & Riona Dhayalini (student of 2.1).

I would like to thank Tamil teacher, Mrs Ramathas, in bringing my elder kid to perform well in the Tamil Language examinations and she scored A* in Tamil Language in PSLE as well as Merit in Higher Tamil Language. The teacher really put in a lot of effort in every segment like composition, oral and grammar. She also encouraged my kid to read more and bring the confidence level up.

Luckily, Mrs Ramathas also taught Tamil for my younger kid Riona in 1.1 (2019) and get her to write and speak well in Tamil.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work put by Mrs Ramathas in increasing the kids learning ability and bring their best to do well in Tamil Language.

- Parent of Riona Dhayalini (2.1), student of Anderson Primary School (2020) and Fiona Roshni (6.5), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

6 January 2020

This is Priscilla, mother of Riona Dhayalini from 2.1. I am writing this email to share a few positive feedback for Ms Neo, who was the form teacher to our kid last year and Riona started loving her from Day 1.

My kid was indeed a shy, less expressive at the start. It was Ms Neo who guided her, made her feel special and levelled up her confidence. Riona started to make a difference in reading, studying and is more sociable now. She was indeed so attached to Ms Neo. Thanks for raising such teachers who make a positive difference in our kid's life. So proud of Ms Neo!

- Parent of Riona Dhayallini (2.1), student of Anderson Primary School (2020) -

2 January 2020

My compliments on the wonderful experience with you over our tele-conversation.

It is heartwarming to receive a friendly greeting in the morning.

You guided me to the relevant notice on the school’s website and attended to my questions for P1 PG for 2021 patiently.

You are a gem to the school.

Thank you.

- Ms Michelle Neo, member of the public -


Compliments from parents

14 December 2019

My daughter has just completed her PSLE exams, and I would like to thank you and the teachers at Anderson for providing an excellent learning experience which resulted in getting good grades in the exams and nurturing her to be a good student.

Please convey my thanks to Madam Kaur, Miss Chia, Mrs Ramadhas ans Mrs Stevens -who helped her excel in Tamil and achieve an A*.

- Parent of Saliha Fazly (6.6), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

23 November 2019


My son just collected his PSLE results last Thu and we are very happy with his results especially Tamil. He has been failing his Tamil since P5 and quite honestly I was preparing myself that he would fail his PSLE Tamil.

But thanks to Mdm Ramathas, who was very determined to help him pass, and he did. He managed to get a C which was truly a miracle considering how he struggled with the subject.

The effort she took to give him the extra coaching was amazing and I can’t thank her enough for the special attention she placed on him. I felt it was only right that I write you this email to thank the school and Mdm Ramathas for her effort and support all these years.

The Tamil Teachers in Anderson watch over the kids like their very own, and that makes a lot of difference.

- Parent of Akash (6.5), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

21 November 2019

I have just attended the P1 Orientation Day on 18 Nov and want to take a moment to thank you and your team for making it such a worthwhile experience.

My wife and I, as parents, are enlightened and at the same time resonated with you and VP Mrs Chng’s sharing on establishing a critical Parent-School partnership.

We thought we should express our thankfulness to you and Mrs Chng, and not write to you only when we have negative feedbacks.

Thanks for making it a great start to our journey.

- Mr Roy Tan, Parent of Anderson Primary School -

16 November 2019

I am writing this email to thank Ms Ng Shin Ding, Form Teacher of Class 2.7 (2019).

Throughout the year, Ms Ng has been very proactive in communicating with me about the class and school's food events to ensure Samuel's safety in school. In the start of the year, Samuel has been apprehensive and not confident in making decisions when handling and purchasing his food during school parties, PSG food treats at class and during recess. Ms Ng has always took the opportunity to go beyond what she was supposed to do:

1. She worked closely with me and ensured that I was alerted (2 days earlier minimally) of any food parties at class and school, professionally and empathetically.

2. With the open communication that she constantly has with me- understanding Samuel's therapies and condition, what he can tolerate and what he can't, and knowing that we are also working closely with him to teach him to read the ingredient lists, understand the consequences and make his own food decisions - she empowers him to make his own decisions with food while making sure the food choices he makes at these parties are safe for him (within his own body threshold) - this has enabled Samuel to grow in confidence and manage his allergies himself.

3. Ms Ng is a thoughtful and skillful teacher in managing pupil's behaviors. She lays out boundaries clearly and Samuel knows them by heart. When Samuel crosses some of these boundaries, Ms Ng has always responded fairly by finding out the reasons and hearing him out first. She would take time to explain why his actions are wrong. Thereafter, she would always communicate with me so that I can also follow up. Because of this, Samuel feels safe in her class. This is because he knows that Ms Ng is a fair teacher and she will listen to him even when he has done something wrong. As a result, there are times when he will come home and readily admits the mistakes he does in school.

I will like to commend Ms Ng for all the efforts in ensuring Samuel's safety while not making him feel out of place in school. Because of the positive experiences he has had this year, he looks forward to going to school daily.

Thank you and please convey my thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Ms Ng.

- Parent of Samuel Matthias Lee (2.7), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

15 November 2019

I would like to congratulate you for an amazing academic school year 2019 which happen to be my son's final year.

I wish to personally mention here that early in the first term you conducted P4 - P6 class engagement. On the topic, 'ON THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA', you expressed that you are not in favour of primary school students dappling into social media as they are underaged and that it can be distracting and potentially harmful. To make my story short, your powerful message had given me courage enough to talk to my Primary 6 son about my fears and concerns on his usage of various social media hoping that he would at least hear me out. But to my surprise, he gave up his mobile phone and other devices as he realized that those were indeed distracting his studies and that PSLE was just months away. The whole event did not happen as easy as it sounded but improvements had been truly dramatic in terms of school results and in communicating as parent and child. I was so proud of him for his choice and decision.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and express my appreciation to all the teachers and the whole APS family for all their amazing work, effort, support and guidance for the past 6 years.

My appreciation and gratitude to:

Mdm Sarabjeet Kaur, for the support and guidance that went on beyond the classroom
Ms Jaime Chia, for her advices and encouragement
Ms Gracia Lim, for believing and encouraging my son
Mr Ben Choo, for all his encouragement as my son struggled in his mother tongue subject
All his past teachers

Brass band CCA teachers-in-charge, Mr Jonathan Lim and Mr Auw for all the hard work, encouragement and opportunities to perform
Student leaders and training teachers in charge - for all the learning opportunities and support

Once again, thank you very much Mdm Hoo for your words of encouragement, and I wish you and Anderson Primary School continued success.

- Parent of Gerard Goh Jing Xian (6.6), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

14 November 2019

Thank you for organizing such a fantastic graduation ceremony and more for inviting us parents to the event. It was a happy yet emotional event. I am sure it will stay in our memory for a long time.

My elder daughter, Yu Xin joined Anderson Primary in 2013 as a primary 2 student (she's in Sec 2 now). And with Yu Le joining the following year, we have spent a total of 7 years here. My girls have benefited a lot under the guidance of copiously erudite and patient teachers. With their unwavering support, Yu Xin and Yu Le bloomed.

Under Dr Tan Lee Siang, they were taught the art of recital (朗诵). This is a great help to them in Chinese as they did not really speak much of the language after having spent about 4 years living in the UK.

Mrs Redwan and Mrs Azhar too, guided them in English speech competitions and debate (Yu Xin) and they gained confidence speaking on stage.

Madam Kaur, being their form teacher has taught them well. Not only did she teach them well academically, she guided them in character building and impart moral values that the girls often shared with my husband and I.

Mr Chong Wee Tit has been very patient and very encouraging with their Chinese and especially Higher Chinese.

Mrs Fion Ho, Mr Ramesh and Miss Angela Lee too, has guided Yu Le in her role as Head Prefect. We are grateful for the opportunity and the guidance that comes along. With this, she managed to fulfill her duty without fear and gained much experience in the process.

There are of course many other teachers that I am not able to name. Their confidence and trust in us has made our time at Anderson a stupendous one.

Thank you for a wonderful year! Although it's a short 1 year, we are glad that we even manage to work with you and benefited from your leadership.

- Parent of Ng Yu Le (6.6), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

13 November 2019

I was very delighted when my son, Kareem Andrew Bin Taufiq (5.4), came home yesterday afternoon and announced to me that he will be awarded Best in Malay, Best in Science for his class as well as Best in Drama for his CCA during the Prize Giving Day this coming Friday, 15 November.

I wish to acknowledge that his success is testament to the nurturing efforts of all his teachers in developing him holistically. I wish to especially convey appreciation and gratitude to the following teachers:

Form teacher, Ms Guo, for being a nurturing and attentive form teacher as well as English and Math subject teacher. She is also always prompt in reaching out to parents to address queries and concerns.

Science teacher, Ms Er, for being an excellent and engaging Science teacher who has re-ignited Andrew's love for the subject.

Mother Tongue teacher, Mr Hafiz, who has consistently nurtured Andrew's proficiency in Malay Language especially since he seldom uses Malay to communicate at home.

Drama CCA teacher-in-charge, Mr Huzaifah, for giving many opportunities for Andrew to develop his talents at performing.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to these teachers. Anderson Primary School has always provided a positive learning experience in a child's formative years as Andrew has two older sisters who graduated from the school. They are both now in NTU majoring in English Literature & English Linguistics.

- Parent of Kareem Andrew Bin Taufiq (5.4), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

17 October 2019

I would like to thank you and other teachers who had given my son, S. Hrishaananth (6.5), wonderful experiences in studies for the past six years and moulded him to become a good student. His primary six teachers ( Mrs. Yeo, Mrs.Ho and Mrs.Ramathas) are very good and motivated him a lot and gave valuable suggestions for improvement during parents teachers meeting. Mrs. Ramathas is a great inspiration to him. She even goes the extra mile on teaching how to prepare timetable and study during the June holidays.My son followed her advice and studied. This helped him to improve very well and got good marks in the Prelims. I am very grateful and I would like to thank all of them.

- Parent of S. Hrishaananth (6.5), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

9 October 2019

First and foremost, would like to thank you for your leadership and your journeying with the students, teachers, staff and other partners in education, leading Anderson Primary School. I am the parent of Jae Foo (2.7) who is a happy student and joyful learner in your school.

Having attended some of your "Meet-the-Principal" sessions and also by keeping abreast of the on-goings and the activities organized or spearheaded by the school, I am very heartened to see the positive and engaging learning environment APS is.

The purpose of my email is to convey my appreciation to Ms Ng Shin Ding, Form Teacher of Class 2.7. Ms Ng joined APS this year and took over the role of FT for Jae's class. Any doubt or worry parents might have for a change of FT for their children's class, moreover a new joiner, would be totally uncalled for. Ms Ng put us all at ease with her commendable efforts and display of excellency in her role. Understand that it is Ms Ng's first assignment to a primary school, yet she has aced her undertaking with professionalism and passion.

Ms Ng is very well-respected and well-liked by her students despite being firm. Ms Ng would not hesitate to discipline her students for misdeeds, yet she would always ensure that the wrongdoers fully understand the intent of the punishments and all the "punishments" are fair and constructive. To resolve conflicts, Ms Ng always handles them impartially and with much sensitivity, not just among the students but parents as well. Ms Ng would also always ensure matters are communicated.

Going beyond the role of teaching, Ms Ng is very committed and plays a large part in inspiring the young minds. Her lessons are fun and engaging, and she is often sharing educational and useful information with the students and parents. She has been a very encouraging teacher as well. Take for instance, my boy was selected as the assistant class monitor in the beginning of the year, much to the surprise of many. However, Ms Ng chose not to pass any judgement on my boy's boisterous nature, but believed in seeing the other qualities in him. She said that Jae has leadership qualities and is a responsible boy. With the right guidance and the opportunity given, he would bloom. I truly appreciate her forward thinking. Indeed my boy grew from the experience and that also helped boost his confidence and morale. For many months, instead of punishing my boy for his bad handwriting, Ms Ng patiently encourages him to work on his penmanship. She would also commend him when he showed improvement, thus motivated him to keep trying.

Another example I would like to share with you would be a "lesson" Ms Ng has taught the class. One day, coming home from his Learning Journey from the Science Centre, Jae talked to me about fear. He said that many people would think that only children has fear but not adults and that is wrong. He continued to explain that "Adults, like parents, have their fear too. They fear and worry about getting old, about having to leave their children and loved ones behind. This fear is very real." I was very moved to hear all these and learnt from Jae that Ms Ng shared it in class today. There is so much takeaway in Ms Ng's sharing. Firstly, she has addressed to the kids that it is normal to have fears and how to handle fear bravely and positively. On another level, her sharing would also let the kids be more thoughtful and appreciative of their parents, and be less self-entitled. Jae, in fact, hugged me after sharing with me and he thanked me for my love.

I am thankful to have had many years of close relationship and partnership with schools when I was leading the PSG as their chairperson and subsequently as their Advisory Chairperson of another school, and having many friends who are school leaders and teachers, and amongst all, Ms Ng stood out as one of the great educators. It is my heartfelt joy to share my appreciation of Ms Ng to you. She is an exemplary teacher and one who works in sync with the school vision and mission. We would like to thank her and feel that she deserves our mention and affirmation for her dedication. Her students would soar under her wings.

I thank you for your time with this letter and wishing all staff of APS a fulfilling Term 4.

- Parent of Jae Foo (2.7), student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

13 July 2019

We applaud the Tamil teachers for their dedication teaching. They adopt innovative methods of teaching to make the learning process fun and interesting. Ignatius who hardly spoke Tamil at home started singing Tamil songs taught by Mrs Ramathas. This has encouraged and motivated him to engage more on the language. We appreciate the tremendous effort they made during the Tamil month and was surely impressed.

Most of all we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs Ada Ang, the form teacher of P1.4. She is a caring and committed teacher who put in great efforts to make the best of Ignatius’ potential. She not only educated him but also pointed out to us the best qualities Ignatius had which we often fail to recognize in our busy schedule. As parents, we are heartened to see our child being guided and nurtured with positive dispositions towards learning and character building which surely have built a strong foundation in Ignatius this last 6 months. We are very grateful to Mrs Ang for the time and care she has given to our son.

- Parents of Ignatius Nicholas (1.4), former student of Anderson Primary School (2019) -

Compliments from a member of the public

1 November 2019

I am writing this note to thank Faiz (2.5) for returning my son's student pass. I am tryuly grateful and happy to know that we have such thoughtful students from Anderson Primary School.

Please convey my gratitude to Faiz and let his teachers, school mates and parents know of his good deed. He is a good role model for his peers to follow.

- Mr Nicholas David, a member of the public -

Compliments through Ms Ho Jiayan from the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF)

12 June 2019

I am Jay Ng from Raffles Institution. I came from a small family, with no siblings.

I want to express my gratitude to my primary school principal, Mrs Tan Wie Pin, and all of my teachers, especially Mrs Redwan Norlina Ahmadi who gave me lot of encouragement, Mr Edmund Liang and Mr Alan Tan who helped me overcome my difficulties in Mathematics, and last but not least Ms Er Siew Shin who gave me lots of inspiration for Science. I previously disliked Science as I found it difficult and tedious but Ms Er helped me improve and overcome it. She took time to clarify all my doubts, and she made Science interesting for me. Because of her efforts, Science has become one of my favourite and strongest subject.

Thank you Anderson Primary School for helping achieve good results during PSLE 2018.

- Jay Ng, Alumni of Anderson Primary School (2018) -


From our Stakeholders

Compliments through Director, Ministry of Education

11 November 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to express our heartfelt appreciations to the principal, all teachers and supporting staff members of Anderson Primary School.

It is said that “quality exists only when everyone cares enough to keep improving”. This is very true when Anderson Primary School is concerned. Firstly; the principal, Mrs. Tan Wie Pin, is an exemplary leader who steers clearly the directions and identity for the said school. She has distinctly provided professional guidance to the teachers and supporting staff members, has even built partnership with parents and the community. She is also very professional, courteous, caring, patient and helpful.

As for the teachers and supporting staff members whom I had personally encountered, teachers like Mr. Jerome Leow, Miss Bhavana Thiagarajan, Miss Neo Shu Ling, Mr. Ivan Ng, Mrs. Lisa Kang, Mrs. Jenevieve Seeh, Miss Ng Xiao Yan, Miss Sutha, Mr. Chong Wee Tit and staff members like Miss Shasha, Ms Seah Chu Hwei and Mr. Koh Wee Kwang some other teachers and supporting staff members whom we may have not mentioned. We have these to say “They are all very professional, courteous, caring, patient and competent!” I also learnt from my son that the teachers are very skillful in using various techniques to engage children's attention and stimulate their development. Good teachers make all the difference as they are pivotal in nurturing the children. I am opined to conclude that the teachers and supporting staff members are very dedicated, strongly committed and have valuable contributions in providing an affluent and quality education to the students under their care.

We also appreciated the tremendous, painstaking and selfless efforts put in by the principal, vice principals all teachers and supporting staff members during my son’s recent trip to Hong Kong and outdoor camp @ Changi We found both the events very relevant and beneficial in building the children's confidence, ability to express themselves; hence further develop their aesthetic and creative skills. Our son enjoyed the whole experience of school with a positive attitude, keen to learn every day and learning to express confidently.

As far as Anderson Primary School is concerned, I have never feel that I am dealing with an “organization”; but rather with a group of dedicated individuals who are all actively involved in creating a warm and nurturing environment that distinguishes this school. It has a good principal, teachers and supporting staff members, and all have the experiences to whet every child's appetite for learning.

In all, we are very confident to conclude that all the teachers of Anderson Primary School are living up to the MOE vision of “Every Teacher a Caring Educator”.

Last but not least, we hope that these positive feedback can motivate the principal, vice principals, all teachers and supporting staff members of Anderson Primary School to continue giving of their best and keep their feats on in their future; and get more appreciations and gratitude year by year!

It is of much reluctance and sadness to learn that the principal, Mrs. Tan Wie Pin is leaving us. We wish to take this opportunity to wish her, all teachers and supporting staff members of Anderson Primary School, all their best in their career, and also in advance a “Very Merry Christmas!” and a “Happy New Year 2019!”

Thank you and warmest regards always!

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”
William Butler Yeats

- Mr James and Jessie Foo, Parents of Justin Foo -

Compliments from Parents

7 November 2018

Dear Mrs Tan,

As we approach the end of the term, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for the unwavering support, care and patience you have given to Justin for the past six years. Right from the start, you have been incredibly supportive. I remember you telling me that you will try your best to ensure that Justin has a meaningful primary school journey and indeed he has. He has grown from a timid and shy boy to a sociable and confident teenager.

I would like to specially mention and thank the following teachers.

Ms Nancy Aw Yong has been there right from the first day of primary school. She had held his hands to ensure that he had a smooth transition to primary school. Through the years, she has become a source of security and comfort that Justin looks for whenever he is in doubt. Her presence has definitely made his past six years a very pleasant one.

Next, I would like to thank Mrs Chang Swee Lian who was the form teacher in Primary 1 and 2. Her gentle and motherly approach had assured Justin in many ways as he took baby steps to adapt to the new school environment.

Mdm Siti Nurjihan who was the form teacher for Primary 3 and 4 had worked and co-operated very well with the shadow teacher and together they taught Justin the importance of staying focused and having the right attitude of learning. Under her care, Justin forged a great friendship with his classmate, Dylan, when she partnered the two of them as buddies which is invaluable.

Many thanks to Mr Chan See Meng whom has given Justin what I would like to call 'tough love'. I am appreciative of the many opportunities that he had created for Justin to learn to be independent and to be responsible for his own actions. Justin may have not met success with some of his tests and exams but Mr Chan has always believed in him and never gave up on him. I am grateful for a teacher like him during the last two crucial years of primary school.

Justin had mentioned to me that he is very popular in school as many teachers seem to know his name and for that I could only smile and be thankful. I would like to thank all the teachers who may or may not have taught him and had always been around with a warm smile or a friendly hello. Their simple gestures have most definitely put Justin at ease.

I read that Anderson Primary School will have a new principal from next year. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours. It is heartening to know that we have great principals like you in our education system who will continue to touch the hearts of many young children and nurturing them.

All the best and once again, thank you.

- Mr James and Jessie Foo, Parents of Justin Foo -

Compliment from Parent

Ms Nadiah who is the form teacher and Ms Esther Chuah who is the Chinese teacher are good teachers who have spent extra time and effort to support Ethan though term 1 and term 2. Ethan has started to enjoy his new school and new friends from July onwards. I want to thank the 2 dedicated Teachers for their extra time and effort. Ms Nadiah has been on TOP of his day to day emotions and she has spent extra time coaching and guiding him. These 2 young ladies have gone the extra mile to see him during lunch and accompany him to his CCA. And Ms Chuah has met Ethan a few times after CCA to have a review with him after his CCA!

I’m very thankful for these 2 good teachers to support him into his new school and new home and new friends. And I have thanked them personally many times. But I think they deserve a good award and recognition in school for such heart-warming behaviour towards our children. And we want to see more passionate and good Teachers like them.

- Parents of Ethan Ng, P3.5 -

Compliment from Parent

This affirmation is for Mr Ramesh s/o Sivakadacham who is the form teacher of P4.2 from Anderson Primary School.

He inspires, motivates, and encourages students to think out of the box, to learn what’s right from wrong, to speak their minds, and to use what they learn in school to help change their lives and the lives of others.

I believe that he is the only teacher to share and update his students frequently about his family, kid and himself. The sharing will enable the students and parents to understand their teacher well and the bonding will be much closer like a family. He acts like a father, the provider, protector and guide for them. He also cares and shows concern and educates his students in their character, discipline, attitude and so on.

He gets to spend a lot of time with his students, so he is able to talk to them and know what’s on their minds.

His duty is not as simple as a teacher in school. After school, he has to entertain and promptly respond to all parents and students’ messages no matter how busy or sick he is and he has never failed or disappointed us.

He will print out extra worksheets to drill the kids and let them keep practicing. When there is ANDRich class every Wednesday, he will try to extend for an hour and a half for his class. He will try his best to slot in time to give extra lessons, even though the ANDRich classes have ended for the whole school.

Mr Ramesh, as a wonderful teacher, you may not realize that good teachers should have good parental qualities. But as good parents, we realize that we don’t have exquisite teaching qualities like you. Thank you for taking good care of our child and also your sacrificing your family time for your dear students.

Mr Ramesh has such huge responsibilities yet get so little in return. Great teachers are very hard to come by. There are plenty of teachers around, but not all of them are patient, kind, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, or inspiring.

Thank you, Mr Ramesh, for being my girl, Tan Grasielia’s Form Teacher and also her English, Math, Social Studies and ANDventure teacher.

She hopes that you can continue to be her teacher for the next 2 years! No words can express my gratitude for the extra mile you have taken for her.

Thank you so much for being the BEST Teacher at Anderson Primary School.

- Ms. Eileen Leong, Mother of Tan Grasielia, P4.2 -

Compliment from Parent

14 May 2018

Dear Mrs Tan Wie Pin (Principal),

Cecilia here, mother of Jovan Lim Chen Yu (class P4.4). May I take this opportunity to thank you the English Language Dept, especially Mrs Redwan & Mdm Aatiyah Tan for their patience, approachable & caring nature; and for giving the children chances to be exposed to areas that they are interested in. Examples, like the recent Share A Book session (which Jovan volunteered during class); the teams' Speech Competition (organised by the Speech Academy), the individual's Speech experience (ref the Arts Busking / Nights Festival), plus the upcoming spelling game show "Word Whiz or Slime Pit" (WWSP).

All these provided positive learnings to Jovan & belief for the other children as well (eg confidence booster, more verbal & expressive, team work & most importantly the "never give up" attitude!)

As not every participation ended up with success... but can see the perseverance in them, as the children are so enthusiastic & harbour good team spirit, include good bonding with the teachers.

Jovan once said (when he was in lower primary)... "Failure is not about failing, failure is about not persevering." Glad he managed to apply this through these speech learnings.

Thanks again school & teachers for grooming children in various aspect - holistically & academically.

- Ms. Cecilia Koh, Mummy of Jovan Lim Chen Yu -

Compliment from Parent

3 May 2018

Dear Mrs Tan,

My name is Hooi Lin. My daughter, Ruijia Wong, is currently in class 1.7. I am writing this e-mail to share with you how much I appreciate the effort Mrs Redwan has put in to guide Ruijia in the recent Smartkids Asia's public speaking competition.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Redwan for providing Ruijia with early exposure to public speaking! She not only guided Ruijia to come out with the content of the speech, but she also went the extra mile to provide Ruijia (as well as other children) a few practice sessions to learn the public speaking skills before the competition. Since then, Ruijia has acquired a deep interest in public speaking. And most importantly, I saw my child blossom into a confident person throughout the whole experience.

I once read this quote somewhere, "A good teacher isn't someone who gives the answers out to their kids but is understanding of needs and challenges and gives tools to help other people succeed. " I am glad that Ruijia has met an excellent teacher (Mrs Redwan!!) who unleashes her inner potential. Without Mrs Redwan's guidance, Ruijia would not be where she is today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Ms. Hooi Lin, Mummy of Ruijia Wong -

Compliment from External stakeholder

12 March 2018

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am writing to express my appreciation to Mr Poh Chee Peng, one of the volleyball teachers in Anderson Primary. This is an overdue email but I believe his act of kindness should not go unnoticed.

I was in Anderson Primary School with my basketball team for the North Zone Basketball Championship in February and needed a court for warm up. Mr Poh’s CCA was starting but he did not hesitate to remove his volleyball posts to make space for my team. When Anderson’s basketball team came down, he even reminded the boys to give us the space because Anderson had already played their match for that day.

It may seem like a small act but we have met other teachers who were not as kind, so the 20 minutes of space sharing means a lot to my team. It takes a teacher with a big heart to do this for children from another school.

Thank you, Mr Poh.

- Ms. Hui Qi, Basketball Teacher-in-charge Endeavour Primary -

Compliment from Parent

27 January 2018

Dear Mr. Adam,

I am Luca's mummy. Thank you for teaching Luca art this year. I just want to thank you for inspiring him. He enjoys your lessons so much and always looking forward to attending Thursday's lesson. I love to pick him up on Thursday, because he always look like an artist with paints all over :).

And he always can't wait to share with me what he did in art class. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when requested to paint on weekend - and he rarely does painting at home. Teachers can inspire kids; and you are definitely doing that.

Thank you so much, Mr Adam.

- Ms. Ivy Tan-Joanny, Mummy of Luca Joanny -


Compliment from Parent

15 October 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

With the end to Jordan and Shannon's immersion program at Anderson Primary School, we would like to express our gratitude for the love, dedication and patience shown by you and your team. A big Thank You to Ms Lim and Ms Neo, Jordan's and Shannon's form teachers respectively.

The children will cherish the friendship and memories formed during this short 4 weeks of immersion. They speak fondly of the happenings in school, and interactions with their fellow classmates. It was also an eye-opener for Shannon, having never experienced the Singapore school system before.

We wish you and your team the very best of health, love and joy.

Thank you.

- Mr. & Mrs Lim, Parents of Jordan & Shannon -

Compliment from Parent

12 September 2017

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Ms Sutha, FT of Class 1.7 for her provision of care to my son.

Due to my son's timid nature, he was extremely worried when he could not locate his Maths workbook upon his return home yesterday. He was concerned as he could not complete his homework for today. As he was crying continuously even when we sent him to school today, I contacted Ms Sutha to keep a watch on him. I was updated by her subsequently that he was fine and the workbook was left behind under his desk.

I am grateful to Ms Sutha's prompt actions to assure us of my son's well-being. Thank you.

- Eugene Lee, Parent of Lee Kai Yuan, P1.7 -

Appreciation from Bangkok Education Delegates

11 September 2017

Dear Mrs Tan and Mr Koh,

Good Afternoon to you and hope this finds you well.

On behalf of the delegation from Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage, Board Members from Siam Singapore International School: RVi Academy Bangkok and the RVi Group, we would like to thank you and your team for hosting us at your school. It was certainly an eye-opener and a wonderful experience for us all.

Should you and/or any of your team members plan to visit Bangkok, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hosting you.

Thank you once again and "Best Wishes to All Anderson P6 for the Upcoming PSLE".

- Christina Chan -

Compliment from Parent

8 September 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

I applaud the school’s decision to assess my P4 boy with topical test for Math and Science. We had a breeze going through the revision and he managed to understand the topic relatively well. He came home beaming from ears to ears showing off his test papers.

I believe topical assessment works for him where he can focus on one topic at a time and have joy in the learning process. I hope that will give him the confidence to face new challenges and overcome difficult questions in future.

Thank you

- Michelle Neo -

Compliment from Parent

29 August 2017

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Isabella's form teacher, Ms Kavitha of class 1.3.

Ms Kavitha is a responsible teacher who has fire and passion in her job as an educator. She goes beyond school walls, to extend moral support to parents.

Today, I receive a phone call from her to compliment Bella. Even though the piece of information may seem insignificant to others, it truly does matter to us, as parents.

I am inspired by such dedication and exemplary role demonstrated by her. I am honored to have Bella as her student, as part of Anderson Primary School.

Thank you for joining hands with us parents.

- Norizan, Parent of Isabella, P1.3 -

Appreciation from Founder of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts

21 August 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone who coordinated the school visit at Anderson Primary School. The timing was indeed rush to properly organize this program, but it was made possible because of your cooperation and coordination efforts.

It was unfortunate that we didn't have a chance to converse as fellow educators. We, however, were touched by your passion and devotion toward providing best education to your students in order to develop them to become productive members of Singapore and the world society.

Our journey to many learning centers in Singapore had also helped us to envision our ideal school and education. The knowledge and experiences we got from learning about your school's holistic approach in education, observing art classrooms, discussing and exchanging education vision with your staffs has profoundly enriched our vision of the ideal education that we like to conduct at our new school.

What we have learned from your school does not make us only appreciate the value of arts education and many intangible benefits it brings to children, but it also makes us realize the meaningful truth that we share the same heart that beats for our students, their future and our nation even though our schools are operated in different geo-socio-economic backgrounds.

On behalf of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts, I would like to express my gratitude to you and every dedicated personnel who serve in this school for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your team to Roong Aroon School to foster the relationship between our schools.

- Associate Professor Prapapat Niyom, Founder of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts -

Appreciation from untrained LBS, AED

11 August 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

On my last day in Anderson Primary School, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your school staff for making me feel welcome in the school for the past few months.

It has been a wonderful learning journey as I have learnt much from the AED team. Special thanks go to Ms Nancy and Ms Agnes for their unselfish sharing, in depth knowledge of SEN students and deep concerns for these children.

Also have I learned much from other teachers. Kudos to the teachers of LSP, LSM, RRP, I CAN and Foundation classes. Their patience and never-give-up spirit inspire me.

Once again, a big thank you to ALL.

- Joanna Yong Fong Ling, (untrained LBS, AED) -

Compliments from MP for AMK GRC

16 July 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

It was a real pleasure to join you and your students at the ‘Magic in the Community’ performance at AMK Central Stage on Saturday, 8 July 2017. I have enjoyed myself tremendously. The kids were hilarious and their creativity and spontaneity showed through. This is an excellent initiative by Anderson Primary School to make learning fun and experiential. Your teachers and you have clearly put in much efforts. I'm glad YCK CC was able to provide the platform for them to showcase their talents. We will be more than happy to continue this partnership with your school and to explore ways in which the community can become a place of learning for the students. Thank you once again and I look forward to our next event together!

- Dr Koh Poh Koon, Grassroots Advisor, MP for AMK GRC -

Compliments from a Preschool Principal

4 July 2017

Dear Ms. Neo,

I am writing to thank you, your colleagues and Mrs Tan for having us at your school today.

The tour was well-organized and we got to see many of your school facilities and many of our children cited that this was the best field trip they ever had!

Thank you so much for all your efforts. We really appreciate it!

- Ms. Claire Oh, Principal of Little Footprints Preschool@Thomson Pte Ltd -

Appreciation from a parent

17 April 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

Dancesport Competition is organized by Edgefield Primary School for all primary schools and held once in every 2 years.

Sometime in Feb this year, I got in touch with Teacher Fion as my girl, Hazel Tan from P3.6 wanted to participate in this competition. In a short time, Teacher Fion managed to get the registration form and submitted it timely for us.

Though Hazel was the only student who represented Anderson Primary School for the Dancesport Competition held on 13/04/17, Teacher Fion readily supported her participation without any hesitation.

On the day of the competition, Teacher Fion took a cab and rushed down from another event which took place in the first half of the day and managed to make it in time for the registration and collection of number tag. She was with Hazel throughout the competition and her encouragement really boosted Hazel’s confidence.

This is the first dance competition which Hazel has ever participated. She managed to make it through 2 qualifying rounds and moved on to the Semi-Finals. Though she didn’t qualify for the Finals (Top 8), we are still very proud of her.

It is only after the competition then I know that Teacher Fion has actually skipped her lunch to rush for this competition. Even so, she stayed with Hazel throughout the competition and ensured that Hazel is in her best mode. Her commitment and support is greatly appreciated. Such teachers are truly precious assets of Anderson Primary!

Please convey my sincerest thanks to Teacher Fion.
Thank you very much Teacher Fion for your time and support!!


- Mdm Angie Tay, parent of Hazel Tan P3.6 -

Compliments from a grandparent

8 February 2017

Dear Mrs Tan,

I would like to express my appreciation to your staff, Mdm Pamela Chia, from the General Office.

Today, my helper accidentally left the set of house keys in my grandson, Ryan Tan's (Primary 5.6) lunch carrier. As this was the only set of keys, there was no way for us to enter our home.

I explained the situation to Mdm Pamela Chia, who was very patient and understanding. She took down Ryan's details and immediately set off to retrieve the keys.

Mdm Chia's customer service was exemplary. She saved my day - otherwise I would have to spend my time waiting aimlessly at the bus stop until dismissal time.

Please convey my gratitude to Mdm Chia. You have an excellent employee.

- Elsie Tan, Ryan Tan's grandmother -

Appreciation from a parent

8 February 2017

It is gratifying to know that there is always a guardian angel out there like Mrs Lau Han Kee who lends a hand to guide and teaches my daughter. Her patience and foresight are a blessing to my child and I thank her for believing that no child or parent out there is left helpless and in despair.

- Ms Selina Ng, parent -


From the Community

Compliments from Dr. Koh Poh Koon (Minister of State)

April 24, 2016 (Facebook)

"Values in Action. That's what the primary 4&5 student leaders from Anderson Primary School did when they became Ambassadors of our Tray Return Project at Blk 628 Market on Saturday. Accompanied by their Principal, teachers and our Grassroots Volunteers, these students engaged diners at the hawker centre to remind them to be gracious to fellow diners by returning the used crockery to the Tray Return Station after their meals. Thank you, diners for responding to the calls by our students. Thank you students and teachers for adopting this hawker centre as a 'beneficiary' of your civil efforts. Together, by each doing our part, we can make our eating places cleaner and our society more gracious!"

- Dr. Koh Poh Koon (Minister of State) -

Compliments from Dr. Koh Poh Koon (Minister of State)

March 15, 2016 (Facebook)

"Anderson Primary School held their annual family day. Parents, students and teachers worked hand in hand to put together a wonderful carnival. I tried some of the challenging and innovative games that the kids created with their teachers. It's definitely not easy! Glad to see everyone had fun while our kids can learn through play and activities."

- Dr. Koh Poh Koon (Mister of State) -

From our Staff & Partners

Appreciation from parent

November 25, 2016

On behalf of student, Lim Shi Tong Yuki, of Class P6.6 of Anderson Primary School, I would like to express our appreciation to Teacher Chan See Meng for being a patient, kind, caring and dedicated teacher. He is passionate about teaching and will always encourage and motivate his students to do their best. Through his guidance, student Lim Shi Tong has shown great improvement in the subjects that he had taught her. Mr Chan has shown the dedication of what a true educator should be. We are ever so grateful and blessed to know him through Anderson Primary School.
Many thanks!

- Ms Lai Soo Leng, parent -

Appreciation from parent

August 15, 2016

Although she has high expectations for your students, she never gave up guiding the slower children. Thank you Mrs Redwan for giving her extra time to coach my child and some of her classmates. During the school's sports day, she not only encouraged my child and even ran with her ensuring that she's well as she's awared about her medical condition. I'm Glad that my child has such a good teacher at Anderson Primary School.

- Mdm Doris Low, parent -

Appreciation from parent

August 8, 2016

I have 2 daughters studying in Anderson Primary. I would like to mention that the school has put in great effort to promote good public speakers within the students.

Under an initiative of book sharing, they were given the opportunity to share a book that they have read in front of the school. Mrs Redwan, the teacher-in-charge, not only worked patiently with my girls on the script, but also highlighted to them on their body language on stage and how they should read or rather speak with conviction during the presentation. Through this process, my girls have improved and gained much self confidence.

This is definitely an asset to them in life. Likewise is Mrs Redwan, to Anderson Primary and the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Big thank you to Anderson Primary and Mrs Redwan.

- Mrs Ng, parent -

Appreciation from Contract Teacher

July 22, 2016

Time flies when you are enjoying what you do. I had just finished one year contract teaching here in Anderson Primary School. I would say that the experience is like none other! The teachers are very friendly and helpful, regardless of department. I would especially like to thank my mentor Mr Anuar who has guided and taught me in many ways throughout the year. Also, my department head Mrs Fion Ho who never fails to encourage me and shared with me the bigger picture in teaching art. There is also a very conducive environment in the staff room where I can recharge and concentrate on lesson preparation.

The pupils in Anderson Primary School are lovely to work with. They indeed demonstrate the school vision: learners with passion, leaders with heart and citizens of character. The teachers also instil the school values through their daily actions. Therefore, I see a positive cycle of learning taking place in Anderson Primary School.

This year of contract teaching in Anderson Primary School has been a very fruitful and memorable one. I really appreciate the teachers who have helped me along the way and I look forward to entering NIE.

- Ann Pei Qianru, Contract Teacher, 2016 -

Appreciation from Contract Teacher

July 22, 2016

Dear Staff of Anderson Primary School,

A big thank you to all the staff who have made this a fulfilling experience for me over the past year. I learnt a lot from the staff here over the past year. The staffs here are approachable, warm and friendly, which made the transition a smooth one. The passion that the teachers have for their students is very evident in their teaching and the organizing of school activities for the children.

I was mentored not only by my mentor Mrs Kan but also by many teachers who willingly shared their experiences with me. I would especially like to thank the Aesthetics Department for their encouragement and guidance throughout this period.

This one year has been an eventful and fulfilling one and I can only hope to be able to put into practice the many things I have learnt in my time here.

- Alexandria Kirsten Tobias, Contract Teacher, 2016 -

Appreciation from Contract Teacher

July 22, 2016

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Mrs Tan and all teaching staff in Anderson. The year I spent in Anderson Primary School was nothing short of wonderful.

Not only were the staff welcoming, they were also approachable. They shared their knowledge, insight and valuable experience readily. They were supportive and gave good advice that helped me grow as a teacher. I would especially like to mention my mentor, Mdm Suzannah. She went the extra mile to support and guide me in the budding years of my teaching career.

I had the opportunity to observe different teachers. Despite the different teaching styles and methods, they had a common goal in mind: to bring out the best in every child. The passion to engage and inspire young lives left an indelible mark on me.

Once again, a big thank you to all staff and pupils of Anderson Primary School. The time spent here was awesome! I definitely hope to back again after my studies at NIE.

- Carlene Yeo, Contract Teacher, 2016 -

Appreciation from parent

June 23, 2016

Greetings, I would like to share my feedback regarding the Hong Kong cultural immersion trip. My son Sananth Akash was under the charge of Mrs. Ramathas. She took care of him very well and was very helpful and considerate. She often provided updates through Whatsapp in the duration of the trip, which allowed us to know what our child was doing and how he was. She also rendered a huge help when she made sure that he was eating properly as he has a tendency to be a fussy eater. In short she was like a mother to my child. Our son also enjoyed the trip alot and it was a new experience for him as he has never been alone before. He regaled us with tales of his trip when he came back and told us that he liked it alot. I hope to give him more opportunities of exposure like this in the future. Thank you for your help and consideration.

- C.Sucila -

Appreciation letter from parent

June 20, 2016

Dear Mrs Tan Wie Pin (Principal),

We would like to take a moment to thank the Teachers and the Principal for letting our child D. Geerish Dass Naidu of class 4.5 to participate in the “Cultural Immersion Programme to HongKong’2016”.
It was indeed an engaging and meaningful tour which benefitted our son. The trip provided an opportunity for the pupils to absorb and learn new things outside the country and the living community. The trip has also broadened the pupils mind and vision.

All the teachers are wonderful and truly dedicated ones. Specials thanks to Mrs.Ramathas for the relentless dedication and patience in taking care of our child needs, safety and comfort during this immersion program. A group chat was created to update us constantly on our child whereabouts and always assuring us our child is safe. We were at our ease seeing Mrs. Ramathas daily updates.
We should also emphasis the hotel and the food provided for our child were good and also catered to every child’s preference. The kids had so much fun with Mrs.Ramathas and the activities organized in Hongkong.

We are so glad to say that everything was perfect. It is indeed a very successful immersion programme organized by the school and would like to thank the teachers in charge for the care and efforts to make this a successful and memorable learning experience to our child.
Thank you.

- K. Deena Thayalan Naidu, father of D. Geerish Dass Naidu Class 4.5 -

Appreciation from parent

January 6, 2016 (Facebook)

"Anderson Primary parents volunteers are awesome.. Morning n afternoon, upmost efforts, sincerity and care were showed despite being under the scorching sun and the enduring exhaust fumes... Ensuring the safety of the school children and keeping the smooth flowing of the never ending vehicles... Keep it up, knowing their own children at school, these parents are amazing, giving up their time for the school.. Not forgetting school staff and security personnel, u had done very well too.. Im proud to be in the Anderson Primary School family..."

- Md Rozaini -

Appreciation from New Zealand Teacher, Catherine Sahlie

Dear students, teachers, friends and other affiliated persons,

Thank you. Thank you for the conversations, the smiles and greetings. For saying “can lah” more frequently than “cannot lah”. For showing us your country and feeding us your food. For being patient as I taught and for letting me know how I might teach better. My friends and I have had such a great time with you over these past five weeks. I anticipate missing you all a great deal. Additionally, I have developed an addiction to bubble tea, and I think that Nancy and Sarah have become addicted to prata, so we shall definitely be back!

Now, a poem:
Before the sun awakes, I do,
As do you, and you, and you.
Under the cover of darkness we slink
To counters that sell to us breakfast and drink
In dishes of red and yellow and blue.

We hike to the hall, into a book, dive,
An anthem, a pledge, two flags upwards strive.
Walking to class, we greet in the hall
“Good morning” to you – good morning to all.
From this point begins the rest of our lives.

Maths and Science and English and Art
If I have a whole, can you find the part?
Stuffing, and cramming, and filling our heads,
Learning and knowing and thinking – and bed.
Before the dreams finish tomorrow will start.

In shirts of red and yellow and blue
Memories mine, now contain you.
As strange as Singapore’s changeable weather -
To feel satisfaction and sadness together -
Yet as the sun slumbers, I do.

Many thanks,

Catherine Sahlie
- New Zealand Student-Teacher Teaching Practicum, 2016 -

Appreciation from New Zealand Teacher, Sarah Frank

Dear Staff, Students, Parents and Caregivers – Anderson Primary School,

From the moment I walked through the doors here at Anderson Primary School I knew this was a wonderful and positive learning environment. The teachers here are extremely passionate, caring, and experts in their field. They care a lot about their students’ achievements, success and well-being. The quality of education at Anderson Primary school is to a very high standard, and I have thoroughly enjoyed observing and teaching here over the past 5 weeks. I have learnt so much about teaching and learning, children and culture. A highlight for me personally was attending the Chingay Parade, which gave me a truly passionate experience of all that is important to this country and its people.

My time here has been extremely rewarding for me professionally, academically and personally, I am so thankful to all the staff and students here at Anderson Primary School. I appreciate everything you have done to welcome me and allow me to learn alongside you all. It is sad to leave as I have made many friends who I will keep in touch with after I return home. I cannot wait to bring my children and family here as soon as possible to experience your amazing country - Singapore. A country you should be extremely proud of, a truly beautiful place in the world.

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead in 2016 and beyond.

Kind regards,
Sarah Frank (Miss Sarah).
- New Zealand Student-Teacher Teaching Practicum, 2016 -

Appreciation from New Zealand Teacher, Nancy Simes

To all of the special teachers at Anderson Primary,

When I was first told I was granted a teaching scholarship in Singapore it felt so far away. Now that I am here I cannot believe that time has passed so quickly. Through your encouragement and guidance, I feel I am ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Teachers play such an important role in shaping and guiding, thank you for making my five weeks at your school such a pleasant and special experience, an experience that not many people will be offered or lucky enough to obtain.

Singapore is truly blessed to have Anderson Primary School. Never have I been so overwhelmed with the kindness, helpfulness and drive that the teachers at Anderson Primary School demonstrate. Each member of staff has taught me some very important skills of how to be an amazing teacher. Thank you for not treating your jobs as a profession but more as a passion. Thanks to the staff at Anderson I am now able to grow as an educator and am able to further my understanding of the lives and cultures of others and embrace the unique differences that we all have to offer this world.

I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity and I could not have asked for a better school environment or group of people to grow alongside of.

I have fallen in love with Singapore and even more Anderson Primary School.

I wish you all the best for 2016 and many more years to come.

With kind regards,
Nancy Simes –New Zealand.
- New Zealand Student-Teacher Teaching Practicum, 2016 -