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My P1 Adventures at Anderson Primary School

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All About Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Zayden. I am seven years old and I am a Primary 1 student at Anderson Primary School.

I love going to school. I love my friends and teachers. I enjoy learning and I do my best every day.

Let me share with you my adventures at Anderson Primary School!

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First Day in School & Start Right!

On my first day of school, I was nervous but excited. I met my new teachers and classmates but we were all very quiet. We did not know much about one another. It was a short day at school. I remember filling up a worksheet, “All About Me!” Everyone was focused and doing our work independently.

Filling in _All About Me_ Worksheet.jpg

Meeting my classmates for the first time.jpg

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For the next three days, we have our orientation programme called “Start Right!”. Our Form Teachers taught us about new routines. We also enjoyed playing ice breaker games and watched a video about good behaviour during recess and saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.

It was fun and three days zoomed past very quickly.

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Daily Routines

I learnt the routines very quickly. Ms Neo, my form teacher, often praises us for being very adaptable.

Every morning, I walk to my classroom all by myself. Then I greet my teachers, take my temperature and wipe down my desk so that I can start the day fresh and clean.

Taking our temperature to make sure we are feeling fine.jpg

Walking directly to our classrooms.jpg

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After that, we participate in morning assembly. We sing the national anthem and recite our national pledge. On Mondays, we also sing our school song. I particularly like the 2 lines “We will grow strong and bright. With Courage and Sincerity.” They remind me to enjoy my school life and always be courageous and treat others with respect and sincerity.

At 9.00 am, we get ready for recess by lining up in twos outside the classroom. I help my teachers remind my friends to line up and walk quietly and in an orderly way to the canteen.

Reciting the national pledge as a class.jpg

Singing the national anthem.jpg

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After half an hour, we return to class for more lessons. Each day at 12 noon, we have snack time. We are encouraged to bring healthy snacks instead of junk food.

Each day, one group is in charge of keeping the class clean. We take this responsibility very seriously. After finishing our work, we will sweep the floor, clean the whiteboard and arrange the tables and chairs. I always do my part to keep my classroom clean and neat. We did such a good job that my class received a Certificate of Commendation for Classroom Cleanliness in Term 1!

Wipe Down.jpg

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At dismissal time around 1.00 pm, we do the wipe down routine again before bidding farewell to our friends and teachers.

Anderson Primary Daily Responsibilities.jpg

My friend washing his thermometer.jpg

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My Principal

This is Mdm Delia Hoo. She is a very kind and gentle Principal. Once, Mdm Hoo shared with us about a sunbird that has built a nest in our school. She encouraged us to draw a picture of the sunbird and to do our own research on it. I was the first in the whole school to submit my drawing to her. She was very pleased. We took a photograph together near the sunbird nest to remember that day. I was also delighted that she likes my drawing.

My Principal, Mdm Delia Hoo.jpg

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Mdm Hoo and I pointing at the sunbird nest.jpg
My Picture of the Sunbird for Mdm Hoo.jpg

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My Teachers & Classroom

I have three Form Teachers, Ms Neo, Ms Meena and Ms Shamilah. All of them are nice! I can tell them anything. Sometimes, when my mummy packs me my favourite snack, I ask for more to share with my teachers. I want to share my favourite snacks with them. I hope they will also enjoy them.

Mdm Meenachi.pngMs Neo.jpgMs Shamilah.png

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My classroom is very big! My teachers spent a lot of time decorating it. I enjoy the reading corner with different books to borrow.

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On our tables, you can see a Growth Mindset card that we drew on our own. It is a reminder for us to have a positive mindset towards learning and behaviour.

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My favourite is the Gratitude Wall where I can put up appreciation notes to my friends and teachers. Ms Neo says that I will be a better person if I take time everyday to thank others who have done something for me.

Gratitude Board.jpgCertificate of Commendation Class Tidiness.jpg

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My Friends

I have many friends in class. Each term, Ms Neo changes our seats. She says that we can get to know more friends if we change our seats every term. I like my friends and they like me too. They are helpful and kind.

Enjoying recess with friends.jpg

Playing Hangman with my buddy during English Week.jpg

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Recess is my favourite time in school. There are many stalls with different types of food to choose from. I love the noodles from Stall 5. The aunties and uncles from each stall are always kind and patient with me.

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I eat with my friends during recess. After eating, my friends and I will chat with one another. We also play games at the table. Sometimes, we visit the school bookshop to buy something we need.

When the time is up, we wait for our teacher to walk together with us back to class. We are always punctual and ready for our next lesson.

Ms Neo also praises us for wiping down our tables and keeping our areas clean for the other students having recess after us. She says that is being socially responsible and considerate.

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I'm a Learner with Passion!

I love to learn. Sometimes, I don’t get it right away and I get upset. However, my teachers always remind us to try and not to give up so quickly. They tell us that we must have a Growth Mindset in order to learn effectively and that making and learning from mistakes is how I get better at something.

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My teachers also make it easy and fun for us to learn. I enjoy group activities with my friends.

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Sometimes, we have lessons outside our classroom. I love to learn in different ways.

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Fun Celebrations

This year, during Chinese New Year, my classmates and I dressed up in our enthic costumes. We also learnt more about the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese New Year traditions. My teachers also joined us to complete the craft activity. It was a happy day!

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My teachers tell me that we have many other celebrations in school such as Racial Harmony Day, National Day and more. I look forward most to Children’s Day where I get to play games and exchange presents with my friends.

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The End


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That’s the end of my sharing. Hope to see you in my school soon so that you can join me on my learning adventures! Bye!