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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Aesthetics

Leveraging on the vibrant Arts culture in Anderson Primary, the VIVACE@Anderson programme is specially designed to develop in our students, the qualities of Performance Character (resilience, diligence, confidence, excellence and self-discipline) and Moral Character (empathy, integrity and graciousness) through a wide spectrum of experiences in the Arts.

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These experiences are introduced across the arts curriculum in Anderson and cover the art forms of music, visual art and performing arts. Andersonians now have opportunities to Enjoy the ArtsExplore the Arts and Excel in the Arts through an enhanced music and art curriculum, a rigorous Performing Arts CCA culture, an innovative curricular and arts integration programme - ANDventure and field trips / excursions to public performances, arts festivals and exhibitions. There is also a platform for talented pupils in music, visual art and performing arts to further stretch their capabilities under the Artists-Growing-Artists talent mentorship programme where they learn under teachers who are qualified arts specialists. In a vibrant and arts-enriched school culture, Andersonians can learn to take Ownership when creating artistic experiences with their friends, sharpen their Craftsmanship in their respective areas of arts specialisation and grow their Leadership skills as leading champions of the arts. 

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With a differentiated Arts curriculum in music, visual art and performing arts,  VIVACE@Anderson caters to the different learning needs of students in a bid to maximise the potential in every pupil in the area of Aesthetics. The progressiveness in the level of mastery and values inculcation also ensures that Andersonians take the outcomes of learning in and through the Arts from outward expressions to inward transformation. All these are in line with the school’s vision to develop Learners with Passion, Leaders with Heart, Citizens of Character.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Sports

Our school’s distinctive Sports and Outdoor Education Programme, ALIVE - Andersonians Living Actively through Values-based Experiences aims to provide authentic learning opportunities that cater to the mass student population, as well as additional exposure for segmented pupils with greater interest, aptitude and talent in sports.

ALIVE hopes to achieve its four main objectives through providing our students with exposure to a myriad of sports and outdoor activities. Firstly it aims to lay a strong foundation of physical competencies and promote healthy living in all Andersonians through age-appropriate and broad-based physical activities. Secondly, it seeks to enhance our students’ character education by using Sports and Outdoor Education as the medium. Through the active participation involving sports skills, our students are provided with authentic learning experiences that engage all their senses in putting their school values learnt into action. Thirdly, beyond the healthy lifestyle as well as the broad-based approach, ALIVE also engages segmented students with greater interest, aptitude and potential in sports skills by providing relevant training and platforms that are appropriate to their physical and mental standards. Fourthly, ALIVE complements the school Character and Citizenship Education programme, The Leader in Me, by developing personal mastery in our students to lead an active and healthy lifestyle from young, while displaying the displaying the spirit of sportsmanship.

ALIVE ensures all Andersonians are given opportunity to enrich themselves in fundamental movement skills anchored in values education throughout their primary school experience. The school PE programme includes a variety of engaging sports activities taught by our passionate and committed PE-trained teachers using the Games Concept Approach (GCA): net-games, territorial games as well as invasion games concept to equip pupils with a comprehensive syllabus that provides the relevant exposure and awareness in sports and healthy living. In addition, the school’s Co-curricular Activities (CCA) leverages on the multi-tiered model to engage our pupils in life-long learning of sports. Thus, in all sports-related CCA, students undergo a series of evaluation that will place them under three categories - basic, middle and top. These platforms not only allow greater students’ participation for recreation play and create a shared experience through sports, but also provide the necessary competitive setting for students who display exceptional talent, aptitude and aspiration in sports. Hence, ALIVE provides our young Andersonians with the skills, knowledge and values to learn and enjoy sports and outdoor activities for life.

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