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Trip to Perak

A group of 22 students from various sports CCA and 3 teachers went on an Overseas Learning Journey (OLJ) to Perak, Malaysia from the 13 to 17 March 2015. 

The OLJ is part of the school Learning for Life (LLP) programme called ALIVE - Andersonians Living Actively through Values-based Experiences.The objectives of this OLJ are to: 

  1. develop Social and Emotional competencies and 21st Century Competencies of global awareness and cross-cultural skills & in Andersonians

  2. expose Andersonians to ASEAN countries to increase their knowledge and sensitivities to cultures different from their own

  3. expose Andersonian athletes to other training environments, as well as provide an avenue for healthy competition with athletes of other countries

  4. deepen Andersonians commitment and rootedness to Singapore

Our Andersonians also interacted with students from Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Merah (SRKBM(C), a well-established school which is known for their achievements in sports. At the school, our pupils interacted with the local pupils by attending various classes such as PE, Art and Music .They also performed a short skit to share our local heritage and culture. The pupils were also given the opportunity to practice and compete in friendly matches together with the local pupils in the areas of soccer as well as basketball. Both our pupils and teachers benefited from this exposure as they had a chance to learn from different coaches and their training styles. 

As part of the culture and architecture appreciation, our pupils also visited Gua Tempurung as well as the Ipoh Railway station. Our pupils were given the opportunity to be part of a tree planting ceremony at SRKBM (C). We looked forward to having more opportunity to partner with SRKBM (C) in the near future. And, we appreciate the support given by the parents for their children to participate in this overseas learning experience to further enhance their strength of character. 

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Trip to Taiwan

A group of 30 Primary 4 and 5 pupils, led by Mdm Grace Loke, Mr Randy Koo and Miss Kek Sor Ling, went to Taiwan for a Chinese Language Cultural Immersion Trip from 1 June to 6 June 2015. 

The pupils were provided with opportunities to broaden their horizons while immersing themselves in a different culture during the trip. They gained more insightful perspectives of Taiwanese culture and way of life, in particular learning more about Taiwanese Aborigines and Hakka Culture. 

During the trip, the pupils interacted with Taiwanese pupils during the school visit at Kang Chiao Bilingual School. They were also involved in activities such as T-shirt screen painting, soap making and pineapple tart making. As these sessions were conducted in Chinese Language, the pupils were provided with authentic learning experiences to further enhance their language competency in Chinese through fun and engaging activities. 

From this trip, beyond enhancing their immersion in a Chinese Language environment, the pupils have brought home with them useful life skills such as self-discipline and time management after 6 days of “independence” and stepping out of their comfort zones for being away from their homes and parents. 

And, we would like to thank the support given by the parents for working with us as partners-in-education to provide these pupils with a holistic learning experience through this trip. 

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Trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Led by teachers from the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department, 22 Primary 4 and 5 student leaders, including Prefects, CCE Ambassadors and CCA Leaders, embarked on an Overseas Learning Journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia from 31 May to 4 June 2015. 

The OLJ aims to provide our student leaders with the opportunity these objectives: 

  1. To provide pupils with leadership qualities to develop global awareness and an appreciation for the legacy and cultural heritage of Siem Reap
  2. To enable pupils to draw meaningful comparisons between the Cambodian’s way of life and Singapore’s unique multi-cultural identity & heritage.

It was an enriching learning journey that allowed our student leaders to hone their leadership skills through organising games and interactions with local pupils in a school and with children in an orphanage. Though we did not speak a common language, our pupils' earnest efforts to communicate their ideas in simple Khmer and ready smiles warmed the hearts of the local children and friendships were forged through games that they played together. 

Through hands-on cultural activities like traditional dance, rattan basket weaving and ceramic art pottery, pupils also learnt about the way of life of the Cambodians and how craftsmanship in the arts were passed on to the younger generations of Cambodians. Another highlight of the learning journey was the cultural visit to the renowned Angkor Wat, a World UNESCO Heritage Site. It was a majestic sight to behold and our pupils were awed by the designs of the temple structures as well as the sculptural decorations within the walls and surroundings of the temples. 

The learning journey was most memorable for both the pupils and staff who visited Siem Reap for the very first time. Our teachers learnt alongside with the pupils to interact with the village locals, observing how they earned a living through weaving silk cloths and making rattan baskets. The visits to the local school and orphanage also provided platforms for our pupils to be more proactive in organising themselves and communicating with sincerity and humility with the locals. The locals' warmth, carefree attitude to life and gracious behaviour left a deep impression on us, leaving us with many lovely moments to savour. 

We are most thankful for the utmost support of our parents who have allowed their child to step out of their comfort zones to experience Siem Reap and its way of life. Our student leaders have taken a step forward in learning to take more initiatives when carrying out their responsibilities. We are very proud to see our Andersonians learn and apply their understanding through their daily actions and behaviours, We look forward to the continued support of our parents as our key partners -in- education. 

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