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Trip to Taiwan (Basketball)

Our Basketball CCA Team of 24 players, 1 coach and 3 teachers went on a 5-day Overseas Learning Journey to Taiwan from 14 to 18 March 2014.

The objective of the learning journey was to expose and immerse our Basketball players in the vibrant Taiwanese basketball culture. Throughout the trip, our players were given the opportunity to train and play against their Taiwanese peers. Our pupils even had a taste of a basketball training session in the routine of the professionals! It was an eye-opener learning for our young sports boy.

At the end of the learning journey, our pupils gained invaluable learning experiences from witnessing the strong determination and great tenacity displayed by their Taiwanese peers. The opportunity has provided our pupils with more drive and motivation. The rich learning has spurred them on to exhibit stronger collegiality, greater resilience and better discipline during their training sessions and the National Basketball finals they strive for excellence.

Trip to Taiwan (Guzheng)

During the June 2014 School Holidays, a group of 20 Primary 4 and 5 pupils, led by Mdm Grace Loke and Miss Neo Shu Ling,w ent to Taiwan for a one-week Guzheng Immersion Trip.

The trip has given our pupils the opportunity to hone their Guzheng skills through the exchange programme at Taoyuan Xinpu Elementary School. It was an enriching learning experience for our pupils as they interacted with the teachers and pupils at the school.

The overseas learning journey has also provided our pupils with authentic learning experiences to better understand the rich Taiwanese culture. Our pupils even had the opportunity to try their hands at the local pottery-making and pineapple tart baking sessions.

From the Guzheng Immersion Trip in Taiwan, our pupils have further developed their social-emotional competencies and useful life skills such as self-discipline, resilience, confidence, collaboration skills and time management skills after 7 days of living and learning with their peers in a foreign land.