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Overview of ANDventure

For the third year running, our school curriculum innovation, ANDventure, continues to focus on providing a holistic, collaborative and creative learning space for our pupils to construct and demonstrate their understanding of curriculum concepts through art forms and ICT. The deliberate spread of platforms also provides diverse opportunities to tap on pupils’ varied interests and aptitudes. ANDventure is crafted based on 3Es:

  1. ENGAGE our pupils in a creative process

  2. EXCITE them to build a learning community with their peers

  3. ENCOURAGE them to take risks, explore possibilities and consider different perspectives

ANDventure_Learning_Art image

Anchored upon Arts Integration - an alternative approach to teaching and learning in which students construct and demonstrate their understanding of concepts through an art form, Andersonians are engaged in a collaborative and creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both. Such engaging learning opportunities open up a whole new dimension of experiential and authentic learning which empower pupils to take ownership of their learning when they create their final product and to build up their social skills when they work together towards a common goal. 

ANDventure is also an active arena for Andersonians to learn about values education (based on Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). Furthermore, it provides an authentic environment for Andersonians to practise these values especially when they are immersed in a highly collaborative and creative process where they are called to be responsible to their teams and committed to their roles.

In 2016, the ANDventure programme has expanded to bring the engaging learning experiences to all pupils from P4 to P6. The 3-year programme comprises of modules including:

  • Integrated learning through the arts e.g. Drama and STELLAR, Drama and Values Education, Dance and Science, Visual Art and ICT, Visual Art and Science 

  • Values education (based on Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

  • ICT
The deliberate spread of platforms provide diverse opportunities to tap on students' varied interests and aptitudes, to develop them more holistically and most importantly, to see learning as a 'lifelong adventure'.

Drama & Values Education in ANDventure

Primary Four, Term 3 
Having learnt about the 7-habits of Be Proactive, Begin With The End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, Synergise and Sharpen the Saw (based on Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and gaining meaningful experiences through The Leader In Module in term 1, the pupils will explore the applications of these values through Drama conventions. These drama conventions are meaningfully integrated with a STELLAR unit where they learn more about values of honesty and integrity whilst strengthening their public speaking skills. The drama conventions employed are Tableaux, Conscience Alley, Hot Seating, Student-in-role, Freeze Frames and Performance Carousel, hence providing plenty of opportunities for pupils to express themselves through their creativity. The use of Create-Perform-Respond in drama education further inculcates in the pupils the sense of pride and responsibility in collaborative settings.

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Primary Five, Semester 1 
P5 ANDventure continues with the learning through the arts with a 15-week Drama / Values Education module. Pupils will explore with greater focus, the elements of performance in terms of movement, clarity of intent, voice and character, as well as positive traits for more effective collaboration such as empathy, graciousness and acceptance. Once again, the pupils take on the challenges of putting together a class performance as a team. The process brings the pupils through understanding role fulfillment and the responsibilities to be taken in order to achieve a common goal.


Dance & Science in ANDventure

Primary Four, Term 2 
The learning of Science comes alive as students learn to use dance and creative movements in the depiction of Life Cycles and the processes involved. This mode of learning allows students to explore their creativity by offering them a common learner-centric space to construct and demonstrate their understanding of Life Cycles. Elements of Dance such as body awareness, spatial awareness and improvisation are also being taught and emphasised throughout the module. Students not only experience creating their own dance moves under the guidance of the dance artists but their understanding of the concepts are further sharpened under the constant clarification provided by their Science teachers. Collaboration with peers remain an integral part of this module as students work together to put up their maiden Life Cycle Dance performance at a level showcase at the end of the term. 

ANDVenture_DanceScience Image

ArtScience and ICT in ANDventure

Primary Six, Semester 1 
In 2016, P6 ANDventure is launched to further tap into the creativity of our pupils through an integration of visual arts, Science and ICT in Semester 1. Pupils will create their own animation videos by working on pieces of clay to tell a story. They will also have the opportunity to be young potters, creating functional pieces of ceramics based on their Science understanding of structural adaptations and properties of materials

ArtScience_ICT Image

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