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Vision & Mission

Pupils are confident and competent in using Mathematics to strive for excellence in life.

To adopt an approach that develops learners to discover, experience, reason and communicate Mathematics.

Key Programmes

PERI Holistic (HA) Assessment

Holistic Assessment aims to build pupils’ confidence in the learning of Mathematics through more manageable bite-sized assessments. These assessments provide information on pupils’ conceptual understanding and their thinking process. The assessments can take various forms such as mini tests, performance assessments, journals and problem solving tasks. These assessments will be carried out throughout the year. 

Learning Support Programme

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) is an early intervention programme aimed at providing learning support to pupils who do not have foundational numeracy skills and knowledge to access the Primary 1 Mathematics curriculum. A screening process is carried at the beginning of Primary 1 to identify the pupils who needs intervention. 

In Anderson Primary School, P1 pupils who are in the programme will attend additional Mathematics lessons conducted by our LSM Teacher in a small group setting on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  As for P2 pupils who are in the programme, they will have their daily Mathematics lessons within curriculum hours in a small group setting so that greater attention will be rendered to each pupil.

ICAN Programme

From P3 to P5, support in the learning of Mathematics continues in the form of ICAN (Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy) Programme. This programme aims at strengthening on pupils’ conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Lessons are conducted by ICAN Teachers in small groups during curriculum hours..

Mathematics Olympiad Programme (P3 to P6) and Competitions

The programme aims to stretch Mathematically talented pupils.  It develops their logical thinking, deductive reasoning and higher order problem-solving skills through solving creative and non-routine problems. Selected pupils take part in various Mathematics competitions.

B-I-A (Basic-intermediate-Advanced) Worksheets

Differentiated worksheets are developed for Primary 3-6 levels to prepare them for examination -type questions and reinforce concepts learnt in Mathematics lessons.

Heuristics Worksheets

For every level, a structured set of worksheets is designed to develop and strengthen pupils’ problem-solving skills through the use of various heuristics and thinking skills.