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2015 Achievements
IP Achievements
English I can Read International Storytelling Competition 2015
Finalist and Certificate of Participation
  • Natalie Quek (P1.5)
  • Ryan Ng (P1.6)
  • Emilia Romanelli (P1.2)

Group Event – 2nd Runner Up Anderson Team A
  • Hillerie Yeo (P1.4)
  • Helene Cousin (P1.4)
  • 3. Lennon Mah (P1.4)

Group Event – 1st Runner Up –Anderson Team B
  • Bethany Eng (P2.6)
  • Wui Jeong Jun (P2.2)
  • Cherilyn Wong (P2.4)

Individual Event Most Improved Speaker
  • Eva Ng from (P1.4)

Overall Champion Speaker
  • Kareem Andrew Taufiq (P1.1)
Mathematics Nan Chiau High School Mathematics Competitions (NCHS-MC) 2015
  • Leng Enjie, Elston (P6.3)

N Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) 2015
  • Leng Enjie, Elston (P6.3)

  • Koh Wen Xu, Nigel (P6.2)
  • Ang Jun Zhe, Brandon (P6.3)
Science Raffles Science Olympiad
  • Chuah Jie Xun (P5.2)

14th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition
Category P3 - P4
  • Chua Ying Zi, Nicole (P4.6)
  • Rachel Yew ZhiQing (P4.6)
  • Lim Yu Kiat (P4.5)
  • Lim Jun Xi (P4.5)

Category P5 - P6
  • Andrew Kailer Pung (P5.2)
  • Alden Soo Weijie (P5.2)
  • Caleb Lim En (P5.2)
  • Oh Zhe Hao (P5.2)

Category P5 - P6
Certificate of Commendation
  • Chuah Jie Xun (P5.2)
  • Zahra Aliyah Binte Mohammed Salleh (P5.2)
  • Joash Goh Yi Zheng (P5.2)
  • Ng Yu Chang Nicholas (P5.2)
Chinese 21st National Primary Schools On-the-Spot Chinese Creative Essay Competition 2015
Merit Award
  • Jolyn Toh Yingxuan (P4.2)  
Certificate of Participation
  • Verlyn Ng Shi Lin (P4.4)
  • Zhang Hanxin (P4.4)
  • Ng Yu Xin (P4.6)
  • Savith Kumar (P6.2)

National Primary Schools Chinese Story-telling Competition 2015
  • Ng Yu Xin (P4.6)

Certificate of Participation
  • Shannon Oh Wenyu (P3.6)

Creative Traditional Games Olympics
  • Jolyn Toh Yingxuan (P4.2)
  • Nicole Chua Ying Zi (P4.6)
  • Ng Yu Xin (P4.6)
  • Crystal Lee (P4.6)