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From the Community

Compliments for John Lin Yuze (P5.2)

July 17, 2015

Dear Principal,

I am writing in to commend one of your students, John Lin Yuze. I boarded SBS 265, from Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, going towards the AMK interchange on the 14 July 2015. I was seated near the front, facing John and his schoolmate, who were seated opposite me. The bus was very crowded. At one of the stops, two senior citizens of Indian descent boarded the bus. When John saw them, he immediately got up from his seat and offered it to the Indian lady, without need of any promoting. Sadly this does not happen very often, thus I was very impressed and gladdened by John's deed...it gives me hope that there are still some children who are well brought up with good old fashioned values. I hope you will let him know he did a wonderful commendable deed, and to keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely,

Madam Sarah Leong


From our Staff & Partners

Compliments from Parents

November 25, 2015

Dear Ms Neo,

My husband and I are very grateful to you for all the efforts and love that you've showered to Xavier and his classmates in the Chinese class of 6.5.

Throughout the year, your efforts have been evidently seen and we are thankful to you for your prompt feedback given to us whenever you see the need arise.

We believe that the advanced Children's Day present that you gave to the children just before the PSLE would have encouraged them on. Thank you for your love and hard work in preparing and making the memorable day for the children.  We've also seen you going the extra mile in 'cutting and pasting' the boy's picture in class photo!  Oh what a lovely and thoughtful act of yours!

Please be assured that your persistent love and all the hard work is very evident and we are truly grateful to you for that.

All the best to your future endeavour!

- Albert and Jenn Teo,  Parents of Xavier Teo (Class 6.2) -

Appreciation from Partner, Heartware Network

November 21, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the invitation to Anderson Primary School's Prize Giving Day this morning.

It is truly our proudest moment when Daniel and Agnes went up on stage to receive their prizes. The sense of fulfilment and pride is beyond words for the entire team of Heartware Network and also the group of dedicated volunteer tutors. Daniel's tutor, Ian was even moved to tears when he learnt about Daniel's achievement.

I have also enjoyed the excellent performances put up by the talented Andersonians, especially during the finale. The passion was evident when everyone in the Anderson Family clapped and swing along in harmony to the uplifting beats of the song.

As we embark into the new year, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and partnership. We deeply appreciate this wonderful experience, which encourages the team as we strive towards transforming more lives of children such as Daniel and Agnes through collaborations in the many years to come.

Have a great weekend ahead!

- Poh Si Jia (Ms), Project Executive (Heartware Network) -

Appreciation from parent

November 2, 2015

In a ST article on 26 Oct, it mentioned that there are many unsung heroes (teachers) who put their heart and mind into nurturing our young children. I fully agree especially when I see how it's exemplified in my daughter's teacher, Mdm Siti Arfah from Anderson Primary School.

She is my daughter's form teacher from P1 to P2. My daughter is relatively timid compared to her peers and during her show and tell, her voice is hardly audible. Mdm Arfah has been a great encouragement to her, not only did she teach her the technique to speak with confidence and encourage her to do beyond her own imagination. Mdm Arfah took personal interest in everyone in her form class and often update and engage us parents using the media platform.

I am very grateful to Mdm Arfah for how she nurture my daughter and how she gave her so much confidence and making school so fun for her. We need more of such teachers with a passion.

Thank you Mdm Arfah!

- Ms Angline Tan -

Appreciation from parent

November 1, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan and Mdm Ong,

We are grateful and blessed to have Mdm Phua building Yu Le's foundation in Maths and being a great teacher and motivation.

Congratulations on having a wonderful teacher in your team!

- Mrs Chua Sock Wan (Mum to Yu Le, P2.7) -

Appreciation from Pioneer Teacher

September 3, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan, Mdm Tan, Mdm Ong and staff and pupils of Anderson,

I am honoured to be entertained by the children and teachers of Anderson Primary. Words cannot express the pleasure and happiness of meeting ex-colleagues (some still in Anderson), retired peers and other dearly-missed friends at Anderson. Thoughtful of you to remember and thanks for giving us this opportunity.

I appreciate the effort all at Anderson had taken to make the day memorable.

Thanks once again and A Happy Teachers Day to all at Anderson.

- Emily Lee (Pioneer Teacher) -


Appreciation from parent

August 17, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan,

I should have written this thank you note way earlier after NDP but I was rather busy catching up with work :)

First and foremost, I want to thank Anderson Primary for the wonderful opportunity to involve P1.4 in this year's Golden Jubilee NDP. It was a meaningful experience for both Eva and me.

I also want to thank the teachers (Mrs Redwan, Mdm Maria, Mdm Kavi, Ms Eu, Ms Ng and Ms Indira) who were involved throughout the preparation of the kids for the big occasion. It left me wondering, where did they draw the energy from amidst the hectic school terms.

I want to give special mention to Mrs Redwan!! I was utterly impressed with her "never die" commitment!!!! Mrs Redwan's passion in teaching, love for the kids and high commitment were certainly remarkable.

As for me,I made wonderful friendships with all the parent volunteers(PVs). This group of parents are very selfless with big hearts! They brave through the heat during NDP (there will always be someone who had forgotten to apply sunblock on themselves, etc) and all they care were squeezing water into the kids' mouth under the hot sun and applying sunblock for every kid on bus, not just their own kids. Sharing snacks to fill hungry little bellies and endless photos of groups and individuals were weekly affair so that parents who were not PVs dont feel left out of the actual happenings on site. These will be fond memories as we recollect our involvement in this SG50.

In fact, because the group was so close, we had just organised a post-ndp gathering this evening. Mrs Redwan and Mdm Maria were our Guest of Honors :))

I hope the school will be celebrating this achievement with the teachers as a form of gratification.

- Joyce Lek (Mother of Eva Ng, P1.4) -

Affirmation from parent

August 14, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan,

RE: Immersion Program for Jordan Lim, Primary 2.1

Very soon, Jordan's summer vacation is coming to an end, and he will be starting his new school term in September. It is with regret that we have to pull Jordan out from school earlier than indicated. His last day with Anderson Primary will be on 25 August 2015 instead of 28 August 2015.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and Anderson Primary School for giving Jordan the opportunity to experience student life in a Singapore School. Being Singaporeans living overseas, we firmly believe it is important to cultivate in Jordan a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore, and schools provide the best means aside from academic learning. Jordan's frequent sharing about his school life and his interactions with his peers and teachers are testaments to this enriching experience.

We would also like to thank Mrs Thio of Primary 2.1, Jordan's form teacher, as well as Mdm Ng Xiao Yan, his mother tongue teacher, for their love and guidance. Mrs Thio has done much to not only help Jordan integrate into school life but also encouraged Jordan's classmates to make him feel welcomed. We were delighted when we noticed that Jordan has been using Mandarin more frequently in his communication. When asked, he attributed it to Mdm Ng for his newfound confidence. Mr Razee, Jordan's PE teacher, also deserves a special mention. Jordan always looks forward to his lessons as Mr Razee never fails to make them fun and exciting. Jordan has learnt many new skills which he enthusiastically demonstrates to us. We are sure Jordan will miss his teachers and classmates.

Jordan and we look forward to coming back to Singapore next summer. If there is an opportunity for Jordan to be placed in a Singapore school again, Anderson Primary will certainly be our first choice.

With thanks & gratitude.

- Mr and Mrs Lim (Parents of Jordan Lim, P2.1) -

Appreciation from parent

August 13, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan,

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much we really appreciated bring part of the National Day Parade and part of the Anderson family for 6 months.

It was a great experience to not only get to know all the PV’s like Angie who went each week to NDP rehearsals to all the teachers Mdm Kavi, Ms Eu, Ms Ng, Mdm Maria and getting to know Ms Indira a lot more.

Their dedication is really something to admire and I'm so happy to have experienced it all with Emilia. We will always remember Anderson, the children, parent volunteers and teachers.

A special Thanks to Ms Redwan who went each weekend and organised everyone, her dedication was outstanding and admirable, not only did I see it at the NDP days but at the I Can Read Competition where her responsiveness to parents and coaching of the kids allowed them and the school to do so well. She's a real treasure to Anderson.

As I've said to a few people I wish Anderson was only 5 minutes away, we would have stayed for sure.

- Anna Romanelli -

Appreciation from parent

August 12, 2015

Dear Mrs Tan,

It was with great honour and pleasure that we were all part of this year’s Jubilee NDP.

No doubt it has been extremely tiring through the 7 weeks; it was truly an excellent experience for all of us! We have enjoyed ourselves tremendously and it was great time bonding with each other.

On behalf of Class 1.2, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and PVs who were involved in this event. Pls convey our sincere thanks to every teacher who has relentlessly burnt many of their weekends, esp Norlina who has been great managing the NDP organizers and given strong support to the young kids and parents throughout the 7 weeks.

We would also like to thank Ms Indira for standing with us for the couple of weeks she was being rostered. Thank you, Ms Indira! And of coz not forgetting the rest of the teachers, namely Ms Eu, Ms Maria, Mdm Kavi and Ms Ng (not sure if I have missed out any teacher).

A BIG THANK YOU to all of them!! J

P/S It would be terrific if you can arrange an additional day off (for each teacher) in appreciation of the time they have contributed for this event. They definitely deserve an extra day of rest to be with their loved ones for all the sacrifices they have made.

- Angie Tay (Mummy of Hazel Tan, P1.2) -

Appreciation from parent

March 13, 2015

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Redwan-Norlina Ahmadi of Anderson Primary School for her dedication and encouragement towards my daughter's Tan Grasielia and her classmates of Class P1-4 in 2015.

Mrs Redwan always watching in every single student individually of their progress and development. For instance that my girl is weak in her English for reading and understanding the meaning. She'll make sure that all her students will be catching up in the same standard of level. She'll give those weak students to read simple story book depending on their stage of reading and understanding from level 1 to 12. She'll definitely listen to each of her student to read their book to her and with patience, correcting their pronunciation and explaining to them the words, if they ask her.

I would like to apologise for my misunderstanding and slight complaint in me, during the beginning of January 2015. I complained about why this teacher was giving so many exercises for everything. After a couple of months, I have realised that she is the only in the 7 classes in Primary 1 that doing the Best of the Best as her role. She observe each student behaviour, attitude, character and so on and help them to overcome their weaknesses in the act to make the student respect and listen. Most importantly, everyone has improved. Like my girl for example: during her kindergarten, she's free n easy to enjoy hers 6 years childhood lives with no study and stress. So she's a little behind from other which all subjects are slightly weaker compare to her classmates. Mrs Redwan has make the effort to pushing and placing them in her way to make sure all do and complete in time. My girl can do all her assessment works and read story books by herself and there is a big improvement in all subjects. Mrs Redwan has even self printed to each student with a certificate for the encouragement of their English improvement in the level that they are now. That help the child to be betterment for more to be awarded. She even placed sticker when they score good and drop some lines likes, good, excellent, fantastic, giving star etc. which usually student like it. Thousands of thank to Mrs Redwan-Norlina Ahmadi for acting like a mother to the students with love, care, concern, strict and building up them with good character and making sure all with well behave, good manner and discipline and especially in their progressing. Without her pushing the extra mile and I would not be doing my homework well too as a mother.

It is indeed remarkable to have such a supportive and committed teacher. Her professionalism, concern, perseverance also encouraged me.

Thank you very much Mrs Redwan!

- Ms Eileen Leong - 

Appreciation from NIE trainee, Ambrose Tan

To: Teaching Staff of Anderson Primary School

Firstly, I would like to thank Mrs. Tan for having me back in Anderson Primary. I would also like to take this time to specially thank all the staff of Anderson Primary for their kind and friendly gestures. The PE department helped me a lot especially, not only helping me to develop into a better teacher but also as a better person. During my time in the school, I learnt different teaching methods on how to be a better and more effective teacher. I was also given opportunities to explore and experiment different teaching methods and styles to see which ones suit me better. These experiences have not only helped to enrich me, but have also helped me be a better and more outstanding teacher. In the eyes of the students, a teacher is always one to be role modeled after. But it is not always the case that students have to learn from the teacher as I have learnt a lot from our students too. I am proud to say these few weeks have helped me to forge closer bonds with both the teaching staff and the students.

I would like to thank both my CTs (Mdm Jumi and Mrs Tok) and also my SCM (Mdm Kaur) for always encouraging me and helping me through this short five weeks in Anderson Primary. Also, I would like to thank my PE department (HOD especially) for their constant guidance. All of them have gone extra miles to help and guide me in my teaching, always giving me positive feedbacks and very useful inputs to make sure I learn well as a student-teacher. I am very sure the times we spent together will go a long way in life and in my memory.

Although I am leaving Anderson Primary again to continue my studies in NIE, I will not forget this wonderful time spent and I definitely hope to be back again soon. Thank you fellow teachers, staff and students of Anderson Primary.

Best Regards,

Ambrose Tan

- Student-Teacher Teaching Practicum, 2015 -

Appreciation from NIE trainee, Andy Tan

My first teaching practicum in Anderson Primary School has been very pleasant.

I have learnt a lot from both my SCM and CT for the past five weeks. The staff is friendly and approachable. During my five weeks stay here, I was well-mentored by experienced teachers who are not afraid to share their knowledge and ideas about teaching with me. They are a very passionate group of teachers who do not only teach but also look into the well-being of their pupils and instilling good values to them.

The staff in Anderson Primary exhibits a love for learning. They always show an interest in honing their skills and willing to acquire new knowledge for the interest of their pupils’ learning.

The staff, parents and pupils of Anderson Primary are very supportive in every event that the school participates in. Whether it is a competition or performance, many of the Andersonians would be present for these events, from preparation to the actual day of event.

Therefore, Anderson Primary School has developed a culture that provides a conducive place for both staff and pupils to cultivate a passion for learning and to strive for excellence.

This practicum has been a very fulfilling experience and I am looking forward to graduating next year as a NIE trained teacher and enter the teaching faculty to engage and inspire young lives.


Andy Tan

- Student-Teacher Teaching Practicum, 2015 -

Appreciation from NIE trainee, Lee Hong Wei

I was posted to Anderson Primary for a 5 weeks Teaching Assistantship.   I had the chance to observe 3 different teachers on how they conduct their lessons.  Although all the teachers have different teaching method and styles, the common thing among all the teachers are that they really cared for their students.  The teachers go the extra mile for the students and try to build rapport with them in whichever way possible. 

Personally, I feel that the teachers in this school are very friendly, always ready to help each other.  There is not so much differentiation on whether which academic department you are from.  This is very important as it helps to foster a feeling of home between colleagues and an environment that we know we can fall back on.  For example, I am attached to class 4.4 and class 5.4.  However, I requested to my CT on the 3rd week that I would like to observe how MLEA and SBA are conducted, she was willing to go the extra mile to help me arrange for the lesson observation with the lower primary English teachers. 

The students on the other hand are rather fun to work with when you can show them that you are really concerned about them and that the intention of your actions are for their benefits.  This is something that is really important as I feel that we as teachers, need to be able to be able to build up the rapport with the students so that they feel comfortable to work with us.  Once the rapport is built, it is easier for us to work together.  This will probably be the main learning point that I have for this attachment.  However, by having the rapport, we must also be firm with our management style so that we can maintain discipline in the class.

In a nutshell, I had a very pleasant experience in this school and the teachers were all very willing to share their experience and insights on teaching.  This is especially useful to the beginning teachers who need to learn more about this education industry and also the things to look out for.  I am very grateful to the teachers in this school who had helped me in a way or another during my 5 weeks attachment at Anderson Primary School.  

Best Regards,

Hong Wei

- Student-Teacher Teaching Practicum, 2015 -

Compliments from parent

April 11, 2014

"I want to congratulate the Chinese dept in their great effort for the current mother tongue fortnight. I happened to be at the school canteen and saw the video that they put up on 新谣 and it brought back so much memories of when I was in school. My girl has a little understanding of what it is all about and we actually went on you tube together to search for the songs and even sang them together. 新谣 is a terrific platform for our kids to understand the singapore culture. It is relatively modern and 'swag' enough to still be able to steal the kids' attention away from Justin beiber or One Direction. I am glad you provided this exposure to my girl and through it we were able to bond and discover new things."

The staff in Anderson Primary exhibits a love for learning. They always show an interest in honing their skills and willing to acquire new knowledge for the interest of their pupils’ learning.

- Jessie Lim -


From Pupils

Compliments from Overseas Exchange pupil

February 8, 2015

"我是来自香港的学生,2/4-2/7到新加坡交流。在2/5号的时候,就到访Anderson Primary School,当地的学生非常的有善,挺有礼貌的。如果还有机会,我也想再去新加坡一次

I am a pupil from Hong Kong who came to Singapore from 2/4 to 2/7. On 2/5, we visited Anderson Primary. The pupils were very friendly and they were courteous too. If there is a chance, I would definitely like to visit Singapore again."

- Ching Lai, pupil of HK Chinese Women's Club Hioe Tjo Yoeng Pri Sch -